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Salisbury collection (20th C.) standard loan collection

The 20th century Salisbury collection, held in the Arts and Social Studies Library, continues the breadth of subjects acquired in the original 19th century Salisbury Library: it includes books, journals, pamphlets, etc. of topics related to Wales – its history, literature, religions, language, political and social elements. It is particularly strong on topics such as local history, Welsh and English language literature, history and religion.

Date range: 20th century.

Significance: Significant in Wales and the United Kingdom.

Strengths: Literature, history, Welsh language, religion.

Size: c. 30,000 items.

Languages: English, Welsh, Breton, Gaelic, Manx, Cornish, Irish.

Keywords:  Welsh literature, Anglo-Welsh literature, local history, religion, language, Wales, Celtic studies.

Notes: It is preceded by the 16th-19th century Salisbury Library, held in Special Collections.