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Restoration drama collection (18th C.)

The collection includes rare Shakespearian material (a rare major set of late 17th-century editions of Shakespeare) and an exceptionally good range of editions of the key Restoration Drama writers: Dryden, Cibber, Johnson, Congreve, etc. However, all the lesser known dramatists make this collection just as interesting. The ‘Restoration’ part of the collection comprises somewhere around 600 of the total 830 volumes, the remainder containing drama from the 18th century and later. It is one of the best such collections in the UK and beyond for its coverage of this topic.

Date range: 17th-18th century, plus some 19th century editions.

Significance: Of international significance.

Strengths: Dryden, Cibber, Lee, collected editions, players editions, Shakespeare.

Size: 830 volumes.

Language: English.

Keywords: Restoration drama, Shakespeare, Dryden.

Notes: Associated rare books collections hold just about all collected 'players' editions of Shakespeare, all through the 18th and 19th centuries. There is a good deal of marginalia throughout volumes in the collection.