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Rare, Radical and Labour Periodicals (19th-20th C.)

The collection is produced in three parts; we hold over 60 titles in the series in total, including Radical Times, Red Rag, Social Reformer, Voice of the People, Freethinker's Magazine, and Penny Paper for the People. A full list of the contents is available to download.

A related series of communist Party journals and newspapers is held, some linked to the suffragette and communist Sylvia Pankhurst: The Call (1916-1920), The Communist (1920-1923), Communist Review (1921-1923), Industrialist (1908-1910), New Times and Ethiopia News (1936-1956),  Socialist (1902-1904), Woman’s Dreadnought (1914-1917), Worker’s Dreadnought (1917-1924), and Workers' Weekly (1923-1927).

Date range: 19th-20th century

Size: Around 100 different journal titles.

Language:  English

Keywords:  Labour movement, socialism, communism, Sylvia Pankhurst, suffrage.

Notes: Cardiff University Library holds the proceedings of the various early 20th century Communist International congresses. It also holds on microfilm the Parti communist français comptes rendues et rapports des 6e-15e Congrès National du Parti communiste français, for the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

Related collections include the British Labour Party archives, the Trades Union Congress archives, Francis Place papers, Working Class Autobiographies, and Public Order, Discontent, and Protest.