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Parliamentary Historical Papers (18th-20th C.)

A very wide range of documents of historical interest originating from the work of Parliament at Westminster, over a period of several hundred years; mostly held in the Law Library collections. Sets of works include Cobbett’s Parliamentary History of England (and Register) 1066-1813; Parliamentary Debates (House of Commons, Hansard) for 1813-2012; Journal of the House of Lords and Parliamentary Debates (House of Lords, Hansard) for 1547-2012. These all run to several hundred volumes.

Also held (on microfiche) are Parliamentary Papers for 1801-2003, covering all of the topics covered by Parliamentary work, and with detailed indexes. Covered are all the major issues of 19th century and later British political life, from Agriculture to India, from the Constitution to Transport, from Industry to Health. Also held are over 100 volumes of British Parliamentary Papers for 1819-1860s.

Other sets of documents include Poor Law Commission Reports, for the 1830s-1840s, Reports of the Committees of the House of Commons for 1715-1801 (16 volumes), Annual Statistics of Trade of the UK with Foreign Countries for 1921-1973, Reports of the Inspectors of Gaols / Prisons for 1830s-1840s and for 1930s-1950s.

The Law library also holds legal statutes for the UK, in various later editions, from 13th century statutes to modern legislation. Local and Personal Acts are also held from the 18th-20th century.

Date range:  18th-20th century

Strengths: British political history

Size: Over 100,000 papers included in the microfiche collections.

Language:  English

Keywords:  Britain,  History, politics, Government, Parliament, colonialism.

Notes: Some of this material is searchable online via the Library’s database – House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.