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Osman Collection (20th C.)

The Osman Collection is named after Colin Osman, long-time Editor of Creative Camera and associate of Tom Hopkinson when he was editor of the South African journal, Drum. His collection of historic magazines, books, sound-recordings and photojournalism was acquired by the Tom Hopkinson Centre for Media Research to form the basis of its research archive. The collection includes:

It also houses rare books and documents on the history of British photojournalism. The collection is an important component of JOMEC's research focus on popular visual journalism and democracy, and supports a variety of projects by both staff and PhD students. The Osman collection can be accessed via the Bute Library.


Afterimage  1985-1991 (Incomplete)
            Vol.13, No.5 (Dec1985) to Vol.19, No.2 (Sep 1991)
Armaco World  1986-1998 (Incomplete)
BAPLA Journal 1987-1995 (Incomplete)
            (The British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies)
 Vol.1 (Feb-July 1936) + Vol.4 (July-Dec 1936)
Collier’s Jan-March 1944
Editor & Publisher
 1979-1985 (Incomplete)
Eyewitness Nam
  Nos.1-20, 22 +25
(The) Fleet Street Annual
 1952 +1953
Harmsworth History of the World
            (Full collection except missing No.41)
Harper’s Magazine Vol.79 (June-Nov 1989)
Journalism Educator 1972-1981 (Incomplete)
Journalism Monographs
 1975-1976 (Incomplete)
            (3 issues: No. 41 (1975), 42 (1975) + 43 (1976)
K-H News-Letter Service
 Vol.1-181 (1936-1939)
L’Évènement Illustré
 Nos. 21-60 (July 1915-April 1916) plus Évènements 1936
            (Annual publication – “History of the Year in Images”)
   Vols.36-37 (1954) ; 1972-1981
            (Incomplete: Nov 1972, nothing until Oct 1978-Sep 1981)
 Vol. 1-46 (1937-1960) (Incomplete)
 Nos. 52-57 (Feb 1964 - Nov 1965)
Mundo Grafico
 Vols.1-6 (1940-1946)
Nam: The Vietnam experience
 1965-1975 Nos. 1-19
Newnes’ Illustrated : A volume of pictures, articles, and stories concerning the Great War.
            Vol. 1, Nos. 1-13 (May 1915-Aug 1915)
Observer Magazine
 (1971-1983) (Incomplete)
  May + Aug 1988, Nov 1990
Picture Post 1938-1957
 Aug 1977-1999 (Incomplete)
Sunday Times Magazine
  1967 - present
Telegraph Magazine
 1967 - present
            (June 1967 onwards) Also called “Telegraph Weekend”, “Daily Telegraph Magazine”, Sunday Telegraph Magazine”
This England  Autumn 1974-1975, 1978-1985 (Incomplete)
Woman’s Weekly
 1983-1992 (Incomplete)
Weekly Illustrated
 Vols. 1-5 (1934-1939) (Incomplete)
USSR in construction
 No.1 (1932)


Political Videos – Inc. Campaigns & Elections [USA] 1984-1996


[The] African Drum (01/03/1951 – 31/12/1985)
Picture Post

Date range:  20th century

Size:  c. 5,000 items.

Languages: English

Keywords:  Journalism, photography.

Notes: Bought from Colin Osman in 1997. Special Collections and Archives holds a number of archive collections related to popular journalism.