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Newspapers collection (18th-20th C.)

The collection comprises original and microfilm copies of newspapers from around the world, dating from the 18th century onwards. The collection includes a wide-ranging section of 19th century British newspapers (including, for instance, the Illustrated London News, the Graphic, and Punch); a diverse section of  20th century European newspapers, mainly from France, Spain, Germany, and Italy; and an international section with a focus on newspapers for the American Welsh, such as Ninnau and Y Drych. Cardiff University student newspapers are also included in the collection, from the early days of the College Magazine in the 1880s, through to present day issues of the Gair Rhydd.

A very broad range of Welsh newspapers is included in the collection, with titles ranging from the Aberystwyth Times to Yr Ymofynnydd; the collection is strong on 19th century local papers from around Wales.

A range of Indian newspaper reports, for the 1860s-1940s is also of significance.

Date range: 18th-20th century.

Strengths: Welsh local newspapers, 19th century British illustrated newspapers, student newspapers

Size: c. 140 Welsh titles, 80 British/Irish titles, 40 continental titles, 20 overseas titles.

Languages: Welsh, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

Keywords: Welsh newspapers, British newspapers, European newspapers, student newspapers, American Welsh.

Notes: A full listing of the newspapers is available.