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Morfydd Owen archive (20th C.)

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Morfydd Llwyn Owen (1891-1918) was a highly gifted Welsh composer, pianist and mezzo-soprano. She was not only immensely talented but prolific. Despite dying young, aged 26, she produced over 180 compositions in less than ten years. The collection constitutes the totality of her musical output. The collection comprises compositions including orchestral, choral, piano, and chamber works, songs, operas, and the four volume Memorial Edition of Morfydd Owen’s posthumously published works. It also contains a collection of personal memorabilia  –  performance programmes, her marriage certificate to psychoanalyst and Freud biographer, Ernest Jones, and a large collection of press notices. Also included are several older catalogues of the collection, as it passed through the hands of University College Cardiff, then the Welsh Music Information Centre in UCC, then finally Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR). A list is available of Morfydd Owen’s correspondence, held at the National Library of Wales.

Date range: 1909-1918

Size: 10 boxes, 3 metres

Languages: English, Welsh, French

Keywords: Morfydd Llwyn Owen (1891-1918), Ernest Jones (1879-1958), Wales, composers, orchestral music, chamber music, folk songs, scores.

Notes: Donated to University College Cardiff after Morfydd’s death in 1918. The collection was transferred to the Welsh Music Information Centre, Cardiff, and shows evidence of performance use from this time. The collection then returned to Cardiff University and is now in the care of Special Collections and Archives.