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Marburger collection: European art/architecture (19th-20th C.)

The Marburger Index comprises black and white photographs, mostly taken between 1850-1976, that illustrate fine art, architecture, and crafts dating from the classical period to the present (the largest part of the depicted works dates from the Middle Ages to modern times) both of German and wider European origin. While the basic edition of 1977 emphasises architectural images, the following supplements have expanded the pictorial documentation of artworks in general. Materials that are included are religious and secular buildings, sculptures, paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sketches, utensils, furniture, textiles, jewellery, coins, weapons, and everyday objects. A considerable amount of the photographs date back to the 19th century - the collection thus can serve as a lasting documentation of historic conditions and of damaged, destroyed or lost works of art, particularly as a result of the Second World War.

The CD-ROM search index provides electronic references to a total of 709,000 images from the Marburger Index fiche collection, from an overall total of ca. 1.8 million images on the microfiche; 230,000 of these images are part of the international indexes for Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Armenia, France, Spain and Portugal, Egypt and the Benelux countries. (Of these, only the fiches to the Greece, Austrian and Swiss indexes are held). Paintings, sculptures, drawings, book illustrations, prints, and architectural works are primarily represented. The database is further supplemented by approximately 20,000 artists’ biographies and references to relevant literature and exhibitions.

Date range: Photographs taken during 1850-1976.

Significance: Of international significance.

Strengths: Central European art and achitecture

Size: 1.8 million images

Languages: German (English summary guide).

Keywords: Art, architecture, paintings, furniture, sculpture, Germany, Europe, Classical era, Medieval era, prints, illustrations.

Notes:  The collection is held on microfiche, and has a CD-ROM searchable index, plus a fuller microfiche index. There is a printed guide in German, plus an English summary.