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John Reynolds collection (20th C.)

A left wing pamphlet collection from the personal library of the late Cardiff City Councillor John Reynolds. A Labour Party politician, Reynolds collected a wide-range of pamphlets on a variety of topics related to left wing politics and social issues. The collection includes sections on the Welsh Labour Party, the Co-operative Movement, the Trade Unions, Socialism, and Communism. (The collection was donated to the University library by his son). Amongst the collection are several examples of American left wing journals and newspaper series.

Related to the Reynolds collection are other series of microfilm and printed materials on historical aspects of the working class movement. It includes the sets: Rare, Radical and Labour Periodicals; Public Order, Discontent and Protest; Francis Place Papers; Working Class Autobiographies; Owenite Society Minute Books; Parti Communiste Français: Congress papers, 1929-59; Communist International: Congress papers, 1920-23.

The British Labour Party Archives collection comprises microfilm and microfiche collections of documents from the British Labour Party archives. The collection includes pamphlets, leaflets, correspondence, minutes, press cuttings, and speeches, and covers the period 1873-1973. Also held are early materials for the Independent Labour Party.

The Archives of the British Trades Union Congress are made up of a microfiche collection of original TUC documents, covering the General Council minute books, pamphlets, and leaflets, for the period 1880s-1960s.

Date range: 19th-20th century

Significance: Significant in Wales and the United Kingdom.

Size: Reynolds collection: c. 1,000 items (plus separate but related print collections including around 15 metres of early/mid 20th century annual reports, newspapers and journals of various British trades unions, including post office unions, boilermakers, and engineering unions).

  • Working Class collection: c. 500 reels on microfilm and additional book sources.
  • Labour Party Archives collection: c. 2,000 microfiche and microfilms.
  • Archives of the British Trades Union Congress: c. 400 microfiche.

Language: English.

Keywords: Trades Union Congress, trade unions, Labour Party, history, politics, Parliament, working class, workers, socialism, communism, archives, Wales, Great Britain

Notes: Also held in the Cardiff University Library is the archive of UCAC (Undeb Cenedlaethaol Athrawon Cymru, the Welsh medium school teachers’ union), from the 1940s-1990s, and the papers of Cardiff Trades Union Council from 1940-1988.