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Indian Newspaper Reports (1860s-1940s)

Summarised newspaper reports from Indian newspapers, for British government purposes, from the 1860s-1940s, covering the 19th century period of the British colonial Raj, and leading up to Independence in the mid-20th century. The originals are held as part of the British Library, in the India Office collections. The microfilmed holdings include: Part 3: Punjab, Agra, Oudh, Rajputana and Central Provinces, c1868-1896 (Reels 11-26); Part 4:  United Provinces c. 1897-1937 (Reels 1-5).

Around 50 newspapers per week were scanned, and key stories translated and summarised. Other details often included are editors’ details, circulation, and the language of the newspaper. The reports consist of typewritten abstracts of the contents of Indian newspapers with some extracts translated by an official translator whose name is given at the end of the week’s report. Other details often included are editors’ details, circulation, and the language of the newspaper.

Each weekly report gives a list of both the Indian language newspapers and English language newspapers, place of publication, frequency, the number of subscribers and the date of the issues examined. Some reports give the names of the editors of the newspapers. Some reports also list the languages of the newspapers, for example, Bengali, English and Bengali, English and Urdu, Bengali and Hindi, Hindi and Persian.

Date range:  1868-1942

Significance: Significant in Wales and the United Kingdom

Size:  c. 15 reels of microfilm

Language:   English

Keywords:   India,  British Raj, Independence, Colonialism

Notes:  Several other Indian journals and newspaper sources are held from women’s organisations for the same era in the microfilm collection, ranging from 1898-1954. These include: the Indian Social Reformer, Humanities Microfilm 73 - issues published Bombay, December 25, 1898-May 20, 1933; Stri Dharma, official organ of the Women’s Indian Association, Humanities Microfilm 75 - monthly issues from May 1928-April 1936; and Roshni (Lucknow, India), periodical of the All India Women's Conference, on Humanities Microfilm 74 - issues published June 1940-December 1954. Held in print are reports for the 17th century: English Factories in India 1618-1684, and Calendar of the Court Minutes of the East India Company 1635-1679. Also held is the Journal of the East India Association, 1915-24, 1927.