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Women's history: Politics, suffrage and the labour movement

Microfilm: British Labour Party papers on women’s issues, 1960-1974

Humanities microfilm 110

From the series: Labour history. Series 1. Parts 2 & 3

Papers from the British Labour Party’s Study Group on Discrimination against Women (Sep 1968-May 1970). Part of the microfilm series Labour History part 2, which records British Labour Party Research Department memoranda and information papers 1960-1970.

Labour History part 3 (1970-1974) includes a second draft of the final report, Mar 1972, a final report, May 1972, a redraft of chapter 7 on women and social security, Jul 1972, an amended final report, Aug 1972, and an addendum, Nov 1972.

Labour History part 3 also contains:

  • Resolutions referred to the Home Policy Committee by the National Conference of Labour Women, May 1971
  • Memoranda, ‘Girls and Women, Education and Training’ from the Science and Education Sub-Committee, Oct 1971 and Feb 1972
  • Memorandum ‘Education policy for a Secretary of State to improve the chances of girls and women, by Margherita Rendel, Science and Education Sub-Committee, Mar 1973
  • Resolutions carried at 1974 National Conference of Labour Women, Home Policy Committee, Jun 1974
  • Resolutions received from the Scottish Labour Women’s Annual Conference, Regional and Local Government Sub-Committee, Jun 1974
  • White Paper on Equality for Women, 1974
  • Information paper, ‘A few notes on abortion’, 1974


Microfilm: Marion Phillips M.P. and Ellen Wilkinson M.P., 1881-1947

Humanities microfilm 9

From the series: Archives of the British Labour Party general correspondence. Part 9 Sec. B, The Marion Phillips papers and Ellen Wilkinson scrapbook

Documents from the British Labour Party Archive, from 1873-1973. The papers of Marion Phillips (1881-1932), and the scrapbook of Ellen Wilkinson (1891-1947). Both women were Labour Party politicians and Members of Parliament.


Microfilm: The Women’s Labour League, 1906-1918

Humanities microfilm 9

From the series: Archives of the British Labour Party. [Part 4], The Women's Labour League 1906-1918

Documents from the British Labour Party Archive, from 1873-1973. Included are correspondence, minutes and records of the early Women’s Labour League 1906-1918.


Microfilm: Sylvia Pankhurst’s journals, 1914-1950s

Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst’s three journals are held on microfilm: Woman’s Dreadnought (1914-1917) Mic.B.009, Worker’s Dreadnought (1917-192?)] Mic.B.010, and New Times and Ethiopia News (1936-195?) Mic.B.007.

Microfilm: Radical and reforming periodicals for and by women, 1872-1927

Microfilmed from originals in the British Library. Humanities microfilm 467

From the series: Social and Political Status of Women in Britain

Reels 1-3: Church League for women's suffrage/Church militant, 1912-1928
Reel 4: Conservative and unionist women's franchise review, 1910-1915
Reel 5: Free church suffrage times / The Coming day, 1913-1920; The Independent suffragette, 1916-1917
Reels 6-7: Shafts, 1892-1899
Reel 7: The Suffragist, 1909; Woman, 1887
Reel 8: Woman: a weekly journal embodying female interests / Social review, 1872
Reel 9: Woman's opinion, 1874
Reels 9-10: Women's franchise, 1907-1911
Reel 11: Women's gazette and weekly news (official organ of the Women's Liberal Federation), 1888- 1889
Reels 12-15: The Woman's signal, 1894-1899
Reel 16: Woman's signal budget, 1894-1895; The Women's tribune, 1906; Women and progress, 1906-1907
Reel 17: The Woman worker, 1926-1927; Women and work, 1874-1876; Women folk, 1909; Women's suffrage, 1907


Microfiche: Diary of Beatrice Webb, 1873-1943

Humanities microfiche Mic.C.041

Martha Beatrice Webb, 1858-1943 was an English sociologist, economist, socialist and social reformer. Along with her husband Sidney Webb and numerous others, she co-founded the London School of Economics and Political Science and played a crucial role in the forming of the Fabian Society.

Only extracts from her diary have ever been published before. This microfiche edition reproduces the complete text in two forms: the original manuscript written in 57 exercise books, and a later typescript. The diaries provide much insight into British intellectual and political life at this time, and also reveals much about the complex personality of Beatrice Webb herself.


Microfilm: Newport Labour Party records, 1912-1977

Humanities microfilm 374

Includes Malpas Ward Women’s section minutes, 1957-1960; St Julian’s Section of the Newport Labour Women Committee Minutes, 1954-1957; Women’s Central Committee Financial Statement, 1967-1968