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Literature Microfilms

Corvey MicroficheEdition Corvey (18th-19th C)
Hums Microfilm 18Letters and Papers / Edward Thomas (19th-20th C)
Hums Microfiche 35English Lingustics 1500-1800: author index and subject guide
Hums Microfilm 49Women advising women Part 1: Early women's journals c.1700-1832
Hums Microfilm 50Women advising women Part 2: Advice books, manuals, almanacs and journals c.1625-1837
Hums Microfilm 51Women's language and experience 1500-1940: women's diaries and related sources part 1
Hums Microfiche 60Microfiche concordance to Old English: the high frequency words / R.L. Venezky and S. Butler
Hums Microfiche 61Concordance to Old English / A. dePaolo Healey and R.L. Venezky
Hums Microfilm 134Correspondence of Richard Baxter (17th C)
Hums Microfilm 136Sir Walter Scott manuscripts; Part 1 (18th-19th C)
Hums Microfilm 138-139Women, education & literature: the papers of Maria Edgeworth part 1-2
Hums Microfilm 218Women, education & literature: the papers of Maria Edgeworth part 3
Hums Microfilm 222Baxter treatsies: Richard baxter papers in Dr. Williams's Library / R. Thomas (17th C)
Hums Microfilm 228Archives of the Royal Literary Fund 1790-1918 / N. Cross
Hums Microfilm 365Popular Literature in eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain: Part 2, The Sabine Baring-Gould and Thomas Crampton Collections
Hums Microfilm 376Publishers' Archives: the House of Longman, 1794-1914
Mic A 017Edward Thomas / Gordon Bottomley letters (19th-20th C)
Mic A 087Britain's Literary Heritage: The Sir Walter Scott Manuscripts (guide included) (18th-19th C)
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