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Illustrated Sources in SCOLAR

Ladies' Treasury



Cassell’s Illustrated Family Paper; Cornhill Magazine; London Society; Once a Week; The Strand.


Chemist and Druggist; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London; The Builder.

Women's interest

Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine; Lady’s Magazine; Lady’s Monthly Museum; Lady’s Pictorial; Ladies’ Treasury; The Queen.


The Fly, a literary and pictorial miscellany; The Star; Good Words; Gentleman’s Magazine; Harper’s Monthly Magazine; Saturday Magazine; Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction; Irish Penny Journal.


Illustrated newspapers: Punch; Illustrated London News; The Graphic. 

Art and architecture

Art and architecture journals and other sources: Art Union; Art Journal; Magazine of Art Illustrated; Sketch; Year’s Art; Yellow book; Marburger index; Charles Knight's Pictorial gallery of arts (1847).

Children's literature

Illustrated children's literature: Around 500 illustrated works for children, including Aesop, Hans Christian Andersen, J. M. Barrie, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Lewis Carroll, Maria Edgeworth, Kate Greenaway, Rudyard Kipling, Charles Lamb, Charlotte Mary Yonge and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Novels, plays and poetry

Illustrated novels, plays and poetry: Including works by William Blake, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti, Alfred Lord Tennyson and William Thackeray.

Travel literature

A range of travel literature, including: works on Captain Cook’s voyages; William Bligh and the voyages of the Bounty; the Grand Tour; pilgrimages to the Holy Land; missionary work; exploration, including works by H. M. Stanley; travel literature by Thomas de Quincy, Henry James, Thomas Jefferson, Sir Walter Scott, Lord Alfred Tennyson and T. E. Lawrence. The Hakluyt Society's scholarly editions; Victorian UK travel guides, the Frith-Beard archive - a collection of hand-illustrated European travel notebooks from the late 19th/early 20th century.

Ballads and almanacs

Small, cheap and ephemeral publications which often featured simple woodcuts. For more information, see the Welsh Ballads website. Over 4,000 ballads have been digitised and can be viewed at Welsh Ballads Online.

Cardiff Rare Books

The Cardiff Rare Books collection features a wide range of illustrated material. Use LibrarySearch to run an advanced search on the phrases 'Cardiff rare books' and 'ill' to identify illustrated works from this collection.


A large collection of Welsh architectural and topographical prints, organised by county, prints from the T.H. Thomas Collection, 'British School' prints, prints by WW2 war artist Muirhead Bone.

Posters and propaganda

Mid 19th century Chester election posters and political lampoons, 1950s Eisteddfod posters, 1960s propagandist exhibition boards from Communist Ukraine; reprints of WW2 propaganda posters, Dig for Victory, etc., Welsh devolution 1979 campaign posters.

Comics and graphic novels

Copies of the Eagle, the Eagle Annual and Girl Annual, from the Marcus Morris archive, and the Santander Collection of Hispanic Comics and Graphic Literature