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General Modern and Ancient History Microfilms

Hums Microfilm 11Spanish Civil War collection (20th C)
Hums Microfiche 41Victoria Police Gazette 1853-1870 (Australia)
Hums Microfiche 42Wise's Victoria Post Office Directory 1884-1900 (Australia)
Hums Microfiche 43Cyclopedia of Victoria 1903-1905(Australia)
Hums Microfiche 44Bailliere's Victorian directory 1868-1880/81 (Australia)
Hums Microfiche 45Ballarat: people and places (Australia) (19th-20th C)
Hums Microfiche 46Bendigo: people and places (Australia)
Hums Microfilm 47Ecclesiastical authority in England: church court records c.1400-1600; Series 1 - church court records of Ely
Hums Microfilm 48British emigrant guides and pamphlets 1819-1870 (America)
Hums Microfiche 53NIDS UK/Eire Archives Listings
Hums Microfiche 57Petrie excavation manuscripts; Petrie notebooks (19th-20thC)
Hums Microfiche 59Immigration: from the Sabin Collection (15th-20th C)
Hums Microfilm 66Cheshire quarter sessions 1620-1629; 1640-1659; 1675-1685
Hums Microfiche 101Harvester primary social sources: Britain and Europe since 1945
Hums Microfilm 124British economy: press cuttings March 1976-June 1991
Hums Microfilm 126Just 1. (13th C)
Hums Microfilm 143Abolition & Emancipation Part 1: Papers of Thomas Clarkson, William Lloyd Garrison, Zachary Macaulay, Harriet Martineau, Harriet Beecher Stowe & William Wilberforce
Hums Microfilm 372Foreign Office Files : United States of America. Series one, USA- Politics and diplomacy, part 2 Lyndon B. Johnson Years, 1964-1968
Hums Microfilm 391-392, 416-417Tanner manuscripts, edited by Michel Hawkins (Tanner, Thomas, 1674-1735)
Hums Microfilm 427Indian newspaper reports, 1868-1942
Hums Microfilm 429Despatches from United States ministers to Japan 1855-1906
Hums Microfilm 430Notes from the Japanese legation in the United States to the Department of State 1858-1906
Hums Microfilm 433Diplomatic instructions of the Department of State 1801-1906: Japan
Hums Microfilm 434Diplomatic instructions of the Department of State, 1801-1906: special missions
Hums Microfilm 435Notes to foreign legations in the United States from the Department of State 1834-1906: Japan
Mic A 081Public Order, Discontent and Protest 1820-1850
Mic A 082The papers of Francis Place in the British Library 1791-1854
Mic A 084Minute Books of the Owenite Societies 1838-1845
Mic A 092Diplomatic Instructions Vol.6, 2nd Oct 1801-2 May 1808: State Dept. U.S. Roll 1
Mic A 093Diplomatic Instructions Vol.7, 1st May 1808-21 July 1815: State Dept. U.S. Roll 2
Mic A 095Diplomatic Despatches, Britain Vol.12-15, Jul 1803-Dec 1808: State Dept. Roll 9-11
Mic A 098Diplomatic Despatches, Britain Vol.17, May-Oct 1811: State Dept. Roll 13
Mic A 099Diplomatic Despatches, Britain Vol.18, Nov 1811-Nov 1812: State Dept. Roll No. 14
Mic A 100U.S. Consular Despatches to London Vol.9, 1804-1812: State Dept. Roll 9
Mic A 101Records of U.S. Coast Guard (RG.36L): American state papers, commerce and navigation. Vol.1, 1789-1815
Mic C 001Missionary Society Archives - Livingstone letters and papers (19th C)
Mic C 002-009Royal Commission on Historical Monuments - England: various counties
Mic C 030-040Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments - Scotland: various counties
Mic C 189-193Sammelbuch griechischer aus Agyten / I-V Starssburg
Mic C 194-221Inscriptiones Graecae / consilio et auctoritate Academiae Litterarum Borussicae editae. 4-5,7,9,11-12,15
Mic C 212-219Monumenta Asiae Minoris antiqua Vols. 1-8
Mic C 241Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Papyruskunde / von L. Mitteis und U. Wicken
Mic C 242Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Papyruskunde / von L. Mitteis und V. Wilcken
Mic C 243Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Papyruskunde / von L. Mitteis und V. Wilcken
Mic C 244Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Papyruskunde / von L. Mitteis und V. Wilcken
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