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European Newspapers

SCOLAR: European Newspapers
L'Action LiberaleFranceNov 1901-Aug 1914Hums Microfilm 220
Der BärGermany1884-86SCOLAR Journals
Berliner Illustrirte ZeitungGermany1914SCOLAR Journals
C.N.T.Spain1932-1939Hums Microfilm 148
Deutsche Illustrirte ZeitungGermany1886-87SCOLAR Journals
Drapeau (Le)FranceJul 1897-1901Hums Microfilm 221
Echo de ParisFrance1919-1924Hums Microfilm 355
Flambeau (Le)FranceNov 1929-Jun 1941Hums Microfilm 26
Fragua SocialSpainAug 1936-Mar 1939Hums Microfilm 149
Francais (Le)FranceJan 1871-Dec 1885Hums Microfilm 33
Frente LibertarioSpainOct 1932-Feb 1939Hums Microfilm 147
Die GartenlaubeGermany

1864, 1867

1872-74, 1885

SCOLAR Journals
L'HumaniteFranceJan 1930-May 1939Hums Microfilm 28

Illustrierte Chronik 

der Zeit

Germany1885SCOLAR Journals
Illustrirte Frauen-ZeitungGermany1891SCOLAR Journals
Illustrierte ZeitungGermany1897-98SCOLAR Journals
Il SovietItaly1918-1922Mic A 083

1848, 1858-59

1870-71, 1895

SCOLAR Journals

Königlich Privilegirte

Berliner Zeitung

Germany1871SCOLAR Journals
Lucha Social (La)SpainJan 1921-Oct 1922Hums Microfilm 145
Meggendorfer-BlatterGermany1904SCOLAR Journals
Monde Diplomatique (Le)FranceFeb 2001Bute Journals: Journalism
Moscow NewsRussia1987- (incomplete)ASSL Journals: Social Studies Periodical
Mundo GraficoPortugal1940-1945Bute Library Osman Archives
Nacio Catalina (la)SpainAug 1932-Nov 1932Hums Microfilm 142
L'Ordine NuovoItaly1919-1920;
Mic A 083
Pagina RosseItaly1923-1924Mic A 083
Petit Journal (Le)FranceJan 1937-Oct 1939Hums Microfilm 45
Politica SocialistaItaly1933-1934Mic A 083
PrometeoItaly1924Mic A 083
Rasengna ComunistaItaly1921-1922Mic A 083
RutaSpainOct 1936-Aug 1938Hums Microfilm 142

1897-98, 1958, 

1961, 1967

SCOLAR Journals
Solidaridao ObreraSpainMar 1909-Sept 1938Hums Microfilm 140
Spiegel (Der)Germany1947-1954;
ASSL Journals: Hums Periodicals
Tierra y LibertadSpainMar 1907-Dec 1913;
Hums Microfilm 141
Über Land und MeerGermany1871, 1881, 1890-92SCOLAR Journals
Vanguardia (La)SpainSept-Nov 1936;
Feb-Jul 1937
Hums Microfilm 144
Die WocheGermany1901-02SCOLAR Journals