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British / Irish Newspapers

SCOLAR: British / Irish Newspapers
Adams Weekly CourantJune 11th-June 18th 1735Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
British Gazette (The)May 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
British Worker (The)May 5th-13th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Cabinet Newspaper (The)Nov 27th 1858-Feb 18th 1860Mic B 014 (1)
Call (The)1916-1920Mic B 002 (1&2)
Champion (The)Sept 18th-Nov 13th 1836Mic B 016 (1)
Champion and Weekly Herald (The)Nov 20th 1836-Aug 28th 1837Mic B 016 (1)
Cheshire ObserverOct 2nd & 30th 1880Library Archives: 3/1/7/10&11
Cheshire SheafJan-Oct 1880;
Jan-June 1881
Library Archives: 3/1/4/12 and 3/1/5/5
Chester Chronicle and Chester and North Wales Advertiser (The)Sept 21st 1798; Aug 8th 1868; March 29th, Apr 17th, Oct 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Dec 4th (& supplement), 6th 1880Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
Chester Chronicle - Special EditionMarch 20th, 24th, 25th, 27th, 30th, 31st; April 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 1880Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
Chester Chronicle - Special EditionJuly 13th 1880Library Archives: 3/1/4/13
Chester Courant (The)Nov 25th 1868Library Archives: 3/1/7/6
Christian Social Economist (The)Nov 22nd-Dec 27th 1851Mic B 015 (1)
Cleave's Weekly Police GazetteJan 11th 1834-Sept 3rd 1836Mic B 015 (1)
Cobbett's Evening PostJan 29th-Apr 1st 1820Mic B 014 (1)
Communist (The)Aug 1920-Feb 1923Mic B 003 (1 & 2)
County Derry LiberalOct 13th 1888-May 4th 1889Mic B 015 (1)
Daily ExpressJan 1918-Dec 1919Hums Microfilm 219
Daily ExpressMay 11th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Daily HeraldNov-Dec 1919Mic B 017
Daily MirrorJan 1918-Dec 1919Hums Microfilm 219
Daily MirrorMay 8th, 11th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Daily Mirror - News BulletinMay 8th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Daily Mirror - News BulletinMay 5th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Daily Telegraph (The)May 8th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Daily Telegraph (The)May 12th 1926Library Archives: 5/40Folio
Democrat and Labour Advocate (The)Nov 3rd-Dec 8th 1855Mic B 015 (1)
Evening StandardNov 11th 1918; May 11th 1926Library Archives: Salisbury 235
Financial TimesJan 1983-31st Oct 2005Hums Microfilm 461
Free Briton ExtraordinaryMar 12th 1732Library Archives: 3/1/7/1
Graphic (The)1869-1901; 1905 [missing: Jul.-Dec.1896, Jan.-Jun.1900]SCOLAR Journals
Grocer (The)Feb 2nd 1867Library Archives: 3/1/7/2
Hereford JournalMar 12th 1880Library Archives: 3/1/7/9
Illustrated London News (The)1842-1844;
1958-1992 (incomplete)
SCOLAR Journals
Industrialist (The)June 1908-Dec 1910Mic B 006
Lá: Léamh Eile ar un Scéal1997-May 1999;
March 2000-
ASSL Salisbury Journals: W/La
Labourer's HeraldNov 27th 1874-Jan 8th 1875Mic B 014 (2)
Labour's Advocate and Northern Weekly AdvertiserApr 3rd-May 22nd 1847Mic B 014 (2)
Liverpool MercuryFeb 29th 1884Library Archives: 3/1/7/12
London ChronicleJan 1757-April 1823Hums Microfilm 131
London ChronicleNov 21st-23rd 1776 (fragment)Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
London Gazette

25th-28th Aug 1684

28th Apr-2 May 1778

Folio WG30 (1684)

Folio WG30 (1778)

London NewsMay 8th-Nov 13th 1858Mic B 014 (2)
ManJul 7th 1833-Aug 10th 1834Mic B 016 (4)
Manchester CourierFeb 22nd 1869Library Archives: 3/1/7/8
Manchester ExaminerFeb 22nd 1868Library Archives: 3/1/7/7
Manchester HeraldMar 31st 1792-Mar 23rd 1793Mic B 014 (2)
Midland Workman and General Advertiser (The)Oct 12th 1861-Feb 1st 1862Mic B 014 (2)
Miner's Advocate and Record (The)Jan 17th 1873-Oct 31st 1874Mic B 015 (2)
New Times (The)Mar 31st, April 1st, 2nd 1823Library Archives: 3/1/9/45Folio
New Times and Ethiopia News (The)May 1936-1956Mic B 007 (6 reels)
Norfolk Yeoman's Gazette and Eastern Advertiser (The)Feb 8th-May 3rd 1823Mic B 015 (2)
Observer (The)July 22nd 1821 (continuation of supplement); Sept 17th 1821Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
Observer Magazine1971-1983 (incomplete)Bute Library Osman Archives
Odd Fellow (The)Jan 5th-Dec 21st 1839Mic B 015 (2)
Pall Mall Gazette (The)April 3rd 1868Library Archives: 3/1/7/4
People's Conservative and Trade Union Gazette (The)Dec 14th 1833-Feb 15th 1834Mic B 016 (2)
Picture Post1938-1945SCOLAR Journals
Picture Post1938-1957 (originals + microfilm)Bute Library Osman Archives: Journals
Post-Man and the Historical Account etc. (The)Sept 18th-21st 1708Library Archives: 3/1/9/45Folio
Preston Pilot (The)? FragmentLibrary Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
Punch1841-1967 (imperfect)SCOLAR Journals
Radical Times (The)Feb 19th-Apr 9th 1887Mic B 014 (3)
Red Rag (The)Jan 3rd-10th 1891Mic B 014 (3)
Social Reformer (The)Oct 20th-Dec 22nd 1839Mic B 014 (3)
Standard (The)Jan 16th 1837Library Archives: 3/1/9/45Folio
St. James Chronicle and London Evening PostFeb 12th-Feb 15th 1820Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
Sun (The)Jan 8th 1827Library Archives: 3/1/7/13Folio
Sunday Times (The)1978-1991ASSL Microfilm
Sunday Times Magazine (The)1962-Bute Library Osman Archives
Tichbourne News and Anti-Oppression JournalJune 15th-Sept 7th 1872Mic B 014 (3)
Times (The)Mar 27th 1868Library Archives: 3/1/7/3
Times (The)Feb 4th 1901; May 11th, 15th, 17th 1926Library Archives: Un-catalogued
Times Digital Archive1785-1985Cardiff University Staff & Students: Access Only via Electronic Resources
Times Educational Supplement (The)1969-ASSL Microfilm
Times Higher Educational Supplement (The)1978- (missing 1979)ASSL Microfilm
Times Literary Supplement (The)1920; 1925;
1927; 1928;
ASSL Journals:Humanities Periodical
Times Literary Supplement1978-1991ASSL Microfilm
Trades ChronicleFeb 4th-25th 1854Mic B 014 (3)
Voice of the People (The)Oct 13th-Nov 24th 1883Mic B 014 (3)
Weekly Illustrated1934-1939Bute Library Osman Archives
Weekend Telegraph (Telegraph Magazine)1967-Bute Library Osman Archives
Weekly Telegraph (The)Feb 26th-Mar 3rd 1860Mic B 014 (3)
Weekly TimesSept 13th 1835-Sept 11th 1836 (incomplete)Mic B 014 (3)
Woman's DreadnoughtMar 1914-Jul 1917Mic B 009
Worker's DreadnoughtJul 1917-June 1924Mic B 010 (1 & 2)
Worker's Weekly (The)1923-1927Mic B 011 (1 & 2)