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Documents on British Foreign Policy (c. 1919-c. 1939)

The topics covered in the First Series (26 volumes) include: the Paris Peace Conference, 1919; relations between Western Europe and the United States; the first Conference of London; the Near and Middle East; the Conferences of Cannes, Genoa and the Hague; German reparation and Allied Military Control; Anglo-Italian conversations; Central Europe and the Balkans; and the conference of Locarno. The Second Series (21 volumes) covers: the world monetary crisis; the Disarmament Conference and Hitler's accession to office; the Far Eastern Crisis; Anglo-Soviet relations ; Far Eastern affairs; the Italio-Ethiopian War and German affairs; the Rhineland Crisis and the ending of sanctions; and the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. [20th century] (47 volumes, published 1946-1986).