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Acts of the Privy Council of England: Colonial series (1613-1783)

The Colonial Series reveals the large share the Council played in the work of colonial administration. These records of transactions of the Council fall into three parts: chronological accounts of the proceedings, written by one of the clerks; the Plantation Register which from 1677 recorded various colonial laws passed or approved by the Council, the instructions issued to governors, and certain formal letters written to them; and miscellaneous documents, consisting mainly of petitions and reports issued to the Council by the Board of Trade.

As well as shedding light on the working of the Council, the series provides a wealth of information on colonial history. The volumes contain hundreds of names of individuals and ships, as well as details of governors’ commissions and instructions. Amongst the colonies covered are: Virginia, the West Indies, Canada and Suriname.

The six volumes in the series cover the period 1613-1783. The Library holds the editions published between 1908-1912.