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Victoria County History Series (all periods)

The Victoria County History was founded in 1899 to produce a history of each county and parish in England. The aim of the founders was to tell the story of each country from earliest times based on original research. Each county is covered by several volumes which provide a wealth of information on: the county’s natural features and flora and fauna; developments through the pre-Roman, Roman and post-Roman period; ancient earthworks; Domesday references; the political, ecclesiastical, social and economic history of the region; architecture, art, industries and sports. The greater part of each history is devoted to the detailed description and history of every parish within the county’s boundaries, including accounts of the land and its ownership from the Norman Conquest onwards. The histories are illustrated with black and white photographs of archaeological finds and buildings, line drawings, maps (geological, botanical, archaeological), ground plans of important architectural features such as castles, cathedrals and monastic settlements, and coats of arms. 

The Library holds volumes covering Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Derbyshire, Hampshire and the Isle of White, Middlesex, Shropshire, Surrey, Chester, Cornwall, Gloucester, Leicester, Oxford, Huntingdon, Nottingham, Somerset, Staffordshire, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and York. The ca. 175 volumes held were published between 1900 and 2011, and are supplemented by a further 22  volumes of the history of Northumberland (15 published by the Northumberland County History Committee between 1893 and 1940, and 7 volumes by John Hodgson published 1820 to 1858).