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Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG) (classical era)

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graceum presents complete Greek texts of all newly discovered inscriptions, with a critical apparatus. It also summarizes new readings, interpretations and studies of known inscriptions, and occasionally presents the Greek text of these documents.

The arrangement of the texts is geographical, according to the order of Inscriptiones Graecae, from IG I, Attica to IG XIV, Sicily-Italy. After that follow the areas of Asia Minor, Syria-Palaestina and Egypt. Within each geographical region the texts are grouped according to their place of origin, in alphabetical order. Within each place the texts are arranged in chronological order according to four categories: public documents, dedications, epitaphs, miscellaneous. 

The concordance and indexes in each volume give ancient historians, classicists, archaeologists, and others access to the epigraphical sources. Included are not only indexes of names of men and women, geographical names, and so on, but also religious and military affairs, important Greek words, and selected topics. (58 volumes, published 1923-ongoing).