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Patrologia Latina (c. 200 AD-1216)

The Patrologia Latina comprises the works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200 AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216 (221 volumes). It covers most major and minor Latin authors, and contains the most influential works of late ancient and early medieval theology, philosophy, history, and literature. Some major figures included are Hilary, Ambrose (4 volumes of work), Jerome, Boethius, Isidore, Bede (6 volumes), Peter Damian, Bernard, Augustine of Hippo (16 volumes), Peter Lombard, Peter Abelard, Alcuin of York, Hildegard of Bingen and many others.

The first edition of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina was published between 1844-1855 with further four volumes of indexes published between 1862-1865. The Library holds an almost completes set of the first edition of the Patrologia (Vol. 28 is missing – the 7th volume in a set of 9 containing the works of St. Jerome), plus 4 volumes of supplements published between 1958-1967. (All works in Latin).