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Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (3000 BC-1000 AD)

The Corpus aims to illustrate all the ancient Greek pottery in public and private collections.

There is a wide spread of material. Bronze Age Greek, Cypriot, local Italian, Etruscan, and the local styles of the Archaic Greek city-states all appear beside the more familiar Athenian black and red figure pottery. The large format allows all pieces to be fully illustrated, and there are profile drawings of the more interesting shapes, as an aid to the study of potting as well as painting. There is a full commentary on each vase. The first fascicule appeared in 1922 and since then around 380 have appeared, illustrating more than 100,000 vases in 24 countries. A three-year CVA Online project began in 2000, when Oxford University's Beazley Archive was invited to undertake the digitisation of out-of-print fascicules.