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Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain (1066-c. 1500)

Also known as the ‘Rolls Series’, this extensive collection reproduces some of the key medieval documents written in Britain and Ireland. These include the writings of most of the great medieval British chroniclers from 1066-ca. 1500, plus some public records, year books, calendars of State papers, patent and close rolls, and lists and indexes of public records. Each volume contains a brief account of the manuscripts used by the editor, their age and peculiarities, along with a brief account of the life and times of the author and any comments necessary to explain the chronology, but with no other note or comment except to establish the correctness of the text. Volumes held include works by Giraldus Cambrensis, Matthew Paris and William Malmesbury and include titles such as The Yearbooks of King Edward III, Le Livre de Reis de Brittaine and Chronica Monasterii S. Albani.  Most of the works are in Latin or French but some are in English or have an English translation accompanying the original text.