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Calendar of the Liberate Rolls (1226-1272)

On these rolls were entered the writs of liberate (Latin ‘deliver ye’) sent out by Chancery, which ordered the treasurer and barons of the Exchequer to pay money out of the royal treasure for pensions, salaries, stipends, expenditure of the royal household and other expenses of the state. The rolls are thus a useful source for details of royal expenditure. The liberate rolls also contain: enrolments of writs of allocate, ordering allowance to be made to royal officials presenting accounts, for expenditure incurred by them out of money for which they were accountable; computate, ordering the reckoning of accounts presented by these accountants; and computabitur, ordering the reimbursement of money spent by royal officials on the English Crown's behalf, for instance on royal works or the royal household. The volumes held relate to the reign of Henry III (1226-1272) and are useful for students of medieval art and architecture as well as for social and economic historians. (6 volumes, published 1916).