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Calendar of the Fine Rolls (1272-1509)

The ‘fines’ from which the Fine Rolls  take their name were payments made for writs, grants, licences, pardons, etc., of various kinds, most of them under the Great Seal, relating to matters in which the English Crown had a financial interest. The Rolls (also called Oblata Rolls until after the reign of King John) contained details of payments, in money or kind, to the king by way of oblation or fine for the enjoyment of privileges granted. These included lands, wardships, charters, liberties, grants. The documents enrolled include writs to inquire post mortem, writs to the Barons of the Exchequer to assign terms for the payments of debts due to the Crown and to cause fines to be taken from prisoners for their release, licences to marry, appointments of sheriffs and other royal officers who would be required to account at the Exchequer, writs to remove causes from inferior tribunals into the king’s courts, etc. The volumes held cover the period from Edward I to Henry VII (1272-1509). (22 volumes, published 1911-2007).