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Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous (Chancery) (1219-1485)

After the formation of the classes of Inquisitions Post Mortem (inquiries following a death), Inquisitions ad quod Damnum (for licences to alienate land or for grants such as the right to hold fairs or markets etc.), and Criminal Inquisitions, there remained a number of Inquisitions returned in the Chancery of too varied a nature to allow of further classification.  These are contained in the Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous.  The majority of the Inquisitions in these volumes were taken before sheriffs in pursuance of writs under the Great Seal, but many were taken before escheators, bailiffs or liberties, or commissioners, and some were taken under writs of privy seal. In most cases the Inquisition is in direct reply to the writ. The Library holds 8 volumes (published 1916-1969) which cover the period in England from 1219-1485.