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Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland (1108-1603)

This series provides summaries in English of documents in the English records relating to Scotland. The records are drawn from the Exchequer Rolls, Chancery Rolls (Inquisitions Post Mortem, Patent, Close, Charter, Papal Bulls, Royal Letters, Writs of the Privy Seal, etc.), Queen’s Bench (Assize Rolls), Duchy of Lancaster (Charters and Grants). The Library holds a 4 volume set covering 1108-1509, plus a later supplementary volume for 1108-1516. Two further volumes take the calendars from 1509-1589 and provide insight into the reigns of Henry VIII (1509-1547), Edward VI (1547-1553), Mary (1553-1558) and Elizabeth (1558-1603) in England and of James IV (1488-1513), James V (1513-1542), and Mary (1542-1567) in Scotland.  The volumes are especially useful for the reign of Mary Queen of Scots as they contain the principal diplomatic negotiations between Mary’s adherents and Elizabeth and her ministers and cover the years of Mary’s detention and captivity within the realm of England. (7 volumes, published 1858-1986).