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Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland (1171-1659)

A comprehensive collection of documents in the English archives relating to Irish history between the 12th-17th centuries, the series draws on documents such as royal grants affecting Ireland, mandates emanating from the sovereign in relation to Ireland, letters from and to the sovereign from noble men and clergy, records of judgements and orders passed or made in England on cases and appeals from Ireland. As well as judicial and legal matters, the documents shed light on a variety of topics such as papal relations with England and Ireland, the sovereign’s dealings with native rulers, grants of land to individuals and religious orders, grants of rights and liberties to cities. There is also information about Ireland’s commerce, Welsh and English mercenaries living in Ireland, details concerning the king’s castles, and accounts of the promotion of the Crusades in Ireland.  

The 27 volumes held in the Library comprise: 5 volumes for the period 1171-1307; 1 volume for the period 1509-1573 (Henry VIII to Elizabeth I); 9 volumes for the reign of Elizabeth I (volumes 1 and 10 of the set of 11 are missing); 5 volumes for the reign of James I (1603-1625); and, 4 volumes for Charles I (1625-1659). (27 volumes, published 1860-1912).