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Calendar of Charter Rolls (1215-1516)

The royal charter was the solemn instrument whereby the Sovereign in England made original and confirmatory grants in perpetuity of lands, liberties, privileges, immunities, exemptions, etc., to both corporations and individuals.  After 1516 such grants were made in the form of letters patent, and from the reign of Charles I (1625-) appear in the Patent Rolls. Charter Rolls differ from Letters Patent in that they are made in the presence of witnesses.

The 6 volumes in the collection (published between 1903 and 1927) cover: Henry III, 1226-1257;  Henry III – Edward I, 1257-1300;  Edward I to Edward II, 1327-1341;  1-14 Edward III, 1327-1341;  15 Edward III – 5 Henry V, 1341-1417;  5 Henry VI – 8 Henry VIII, 1427-1516.  Vol. 6 includes an Appendix covering 1215-1288.