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Sir Bryan Hopkin archive (20th C.)

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Welsh economist, who was chief economic adviser to the Treasury under Denis Healey and Professor of Economics at Cardiff University, and critic of Margaret Thatcher’s economic policies. The archive includes: published and unpublished articles, papers and reports; letters and articles in the press; drafts of an unfinished textbook; talks and lectures; notebooks, partially indexed; correspondence with Christopher Dow, Wynne Godley and others; collection of Wynne Godley’s writings; journal articles and offprints; obituaries and photographs of economists; notes from J. M. Keynes’ lectures, 1933-36 (photocopy).

Date range: 1933-2009

Strengths: Comprehensive and well organised archive of interest to researchers of late 20thcentury economic history.

Size: 22 boxes, 5.5 metres

Language: English

Keywords: Sir Bryan Hopkin (1914-2009), John Christopher Roderick Dow (1916-1998), Wynne Godley (1926-2010), William Brian Reddaway (1913-2002), John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), Sir Douglas Wass (1923-), Jack Downie (1919-1963), Sir Alexander Kirkland Cairncross (1911-1988), Thomas Wilson (1916-2001), Fred Hirsch (1931-1978), macroeconomics, unemployment, population, European Monetary Union, Bank of England, economic policy, macroeconomic policy, Keynesian economics, climate change, Palestine, Mauritius, Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, South Wales Valleys