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Canon law and Schwarzenberger international law collection (18th-20th C.)


Special Collections and Archives holds a number of relevant historical law collections. They include the Schwartzenberger Collection (a collection of international law treaties and other material donated by Prof. Schwartzenberger from the University of London), which includes sets such as Collectao dos tradados…de Portugal 1640-1840, and Recueil des Principaux Traites d’Alliance 1761-1829.

The Canon Law historical collection from Prof Norman Doe of Cardiff University is also held. It includes volumes on ecclesiastical law, official reports, case commentaries, and Synod coverage in English, Latin, German and French.

A related collection is the Parliamentary Historical Papers.

Date range: 18th-20th century.

Significance: Significant in Wales and the United Kingdom.

Strengths: British legal history, European/International law, Church law.

Size: Canon law 200 volumes, Schwarzenberger 2,000 volumes.

Languages: English, German, Latin , French

Keywords: Law, International law, International treaties, statutes, reports, Parliamentary debates, census, Canon law, jurisprudence, history, United Kingdom, Wales, colonialism, British Empire.

Notes: The Library also holds a substantial collection of Local Acts relating to Wales and the UK, dating from the early 18th-early 20th century, in the Salisbury and Law Library.