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Annie Grace Henderson archive (20th C.)


Notebooks, letters, scrapbooks, photographs, all relating to the life and work of Annie Henderson, schoolteacher and independent traveller. There are also a number of published books that were in her book collection. The papers relate to her early family years, her college years, and her years as a school teacher in London, as well as her retirement years. They cover her interests in Spiritualism and the Occult, her work as a voluntary secretary in the Ethical Union in London, plus numerous photographs, postcards and pictures from her travels in Britain and the USSR. Her interests also included music, art, and drama. Her activities in the Fabian Society are also covered.

Date range: 1888-1974

Significance: Of particular interest are photographs taken during travels in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, while under communist rule, which was at that time implementing collectivisation, industrialisation, and the First Five Year Plan. Tourism was rare and highly controlled, so photographs have a particular scarcity value. For the early 20th century, Annie Henderson was notable as a single, professional woman who travelled widely and independently, and as such the collection will also be of interest to researchers of women’s history.

Size: 3 boxes, 1.5 metres

Language: English

Keywords: USSR, Soviet Union, Spiritualism, Occult, Ethical Union, Communism, Women’s history, Travel, Fabian Society, World War Two.

Notes: Donated by Annie G. Henderson’s great nephew in 2004.