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Folios / Art collection (18th-19th C.)


The Folio collection contains one of the best cross sections of large format illustrated and colour plate books held in Wales. Both botanical and zoological works are represented, as well as other topics such as art, architecture, and topography. Examples of works included are Gould’s volumes on birds from Britain, Europe, Asia and New Zealand; Robert’s volumes on the Middle East; Schreiber’s playing cards and fans; and the Survey of Persian Art. The collection contains extensive illustrations, from woodcuts to later colour chromolithography, exhibiting a very broad range of printing history.

Date range: Mainly late 18th-early 20th century

Significance: Of international significance.

Strengths: Botany, topography, art.

Size: c. 600 volumes

Languages: English, French

Keywords: Illustrated books, botany, zoology, art, architecture, topography, woodcuts.