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European Documentation Centre (20th C.)

The European Documentation Centre (EDC), located in the Aberconway Guest Study Centre, comprises the largest and most wide-ranging collection of information in Wales about the European Union, the countries of Europe and the wider Europe.

The EDC is a major source of information about the institutions, activities and policies of the European Union (EU). It is a formal European Union Information Relay, and as such contains all the publicly available documentation of the institutions, agencies and departments that together comprise the EU.

In addition, the collection at Cardiff includes much material from other sources that describe, analyse, comment upon and relate to developments in the EU, the countries and regions of Europe, and the wider Europe.

The primary function of the EDC is to aid the academic study of European integration and the growing European dimension in other academic disciplines. It is also accessible to members of the general public.

Specialist staff experienced in exploiting the riches of both the paper collection and the increasing amount of information available electronically are on hand to help.

Visit the Cardiff European Documentation Centre website