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Early Modern (1500-1900) - Welsh Studies

J. Speed, Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World. 1662

J. Speed, Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World. 1662


Microfilm collections for Welsh studies


A-Z list of all journals and magazines


A-Z list of Welsh local newspaper holdings

A-Z list of all newspapers


List of Welsh maps

Resource Guides

Welsh emigration: A bibliography of books, journals, newspapers, archives and websites on Welsh emigration to America, Canada, Patagonia and other countries.

English language travel books dealing with Wales: A bibliography by Dr. Diana Luft, WELSH

Welsh language travel literature: A bibliography by Dr. Diana Luft, WELSH

Special Collections

Aberdare Hall student library (19th-20th C.) literature, history, etc. [uncatalogued] [Newport Road]

Almanacs collection (16th-20th C.) [semi-catalogued]

Anglo-Welsh literature collections (18th-20th C.) [strand/theme]

Ann Griffiths collection (18th-20th C.) Welsh hymns, religion [partly digitised]

Bangor tracts collection (18th-19th C.) religion, history, literature

Baptists' collection from Bangor College (19th-20th C.) [uncatalogued]

Border Counties collection: Wales/England (18th-19th C.)

Bute Papers (NLW) (19th C.) business, history [microfilm]

Carmarthen collection (17th-19th C.) religion, history, education, science

Celtic Studies collection (published 18th-20th C.) [strand/theme]

Children’s Literature collection (18th-20th C.) English, Welsh, comics [uncatalogued]

Crown Servants' papers (1515-1698) [microfilm]

Despatches from US Consuls in Cardiff, Wales (1861-1906); Despatches from US consuls in Swansea, Wales (1892-1906) [microfilm]

Donated Welsh collections (18th-20th C.) ex-library [uncatalogued]

Enoch Salisbury archive (19th C.) Welsh, business, politics [semi-catalogued]

Hymnology collection (18th-20th C.)

Local Acts collection (18th-20th C.)

London-Welsh manuscripts (17th-19th C.) [microfilm]

Prints and illustrations collection (Welsh, 17th-19th C.) [strand/theme] [uncatalogued]

Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales (all periods)

Salisbury rare books collection (16th-19th C.)

Staff / alumni personal collections (Jarman, Ashton, Lewis, Thomas, Mathias, Carter) (16th-20th C.) [semi-catalogued]

Turner pharmacy collection (19th-20th C.) [print and manuscript] [uncatalogued]

Wales Local Reports – General Board of Health (1848-1857)

Welsh almanacs collection (16th-20th C.) [semi-catalogued]

Welsh ballads collection (18th-20th C.) [partly digitised]

Welsh Bibles collection (16th-19th C.) 

Welsh chapels collection (19th-20th C.) Bryntirion, Trehill, Hawen [uncatalogued]

Welsh newspapers collection (19th-20th C.)

Welsh tours / travels / migration collection (18th-20th C.) [strand/theme]

Welsh tracts collection (19th C.)