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Early Modern (1500-1900) - Social Sciences

Illustration of a slave ship

Illustration of a slave ship, from Thomas Clarkson, The history of the rise, progress, and accomplishment of the abolition of the African Slave-trade (1808)



A-Z list of all journals and magazines


A-Z list of all newspapers

Resource Guides

Illustrated sources: A guide by Alison Harvey, Special Collections and Archives

Women's history and gender studies: A guide by Alison Harvey, Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections

Aberdare Hall student library (19th-20th C.) literature, history, etc. [uncatalogued] [Newport Road]

Abolition and Emancipation manuscripts (18th-19th C.) America [microfilm]

Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland (15th-16th C.)                     

Acta Sanctorum (c. 200 AD ?-c. 1590s?)

Acts and ordnances of the Interregnum (1642-1660)

Acts of the Privy Council of England (1542-1631)

Acts of the Privy Council of England: Colonial series (1613-1783)

Annual Register (18th-20th C.)

British Documents on the Origins of the War (1898-1914)

Bute Papers (NLW) (19th C.) business, history [microfilm]

Calendar of Assize Records (1558-1685)

Calendar of Charter Rolls (1215-1516)

Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland (1171-1659)

Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland (1108-1603)

Calendar of Entries in Papal registers (relating to Great Britain and Ireland) (1198-1521)

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other analogous documents (1216-1509)

Calendar of Patent Rolls (1216-1582)

Calendar of State Papers (Colonial) (1513-1739)

Calendar of State Papers (Domestic) (1547-1661)

Calendar of State Papers (Foreign) (1547-1595)

Calendar of State Papers (Spain) (1485-1558)

Calendar of State Papers (Venice) (1202-1675)

Calendar of the Close Rolls (1272-1509)

Calendar of the Fine Rolls (1272-1509)

Camden Society (11th-19th C.)

Canon law and Schwarzenberger international law collection (18th-20th C.) [strand/theme] [uncatalogued]

Canterbury and York Series (13th-16th C.)

Census collection (1801-1981) [Law Library] [uncatalogued]

Conditions of the French Working Class (19th C) [microfilm]

Court Minutes of the East India Company - Calendar (1635-1679)

Despatches from US Consuls in Cardiff, Wales (1861-1906); Despatches from US consuls in Swansea, Wales (1892-1906) [microfilm]

Die Grosse Politik der Europäischen Kabinette (1871-1914)

District Auditors' Society records (1850s-1990s) [archive]

Documenti Diplomatici Italiani (1870-1948)

Documents Diplomatiques Français (1871-1939)

Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum (c. 550-1530)

Early English Text Society (c. 9th-c. 16th C.)

English Factories in India: a calendar of documents in the India Office, British Museum and Public Record Office (1618-1684)

English Place-Name Society (all periods)

Enoch Salisbury papers (19th C.) Welsh, business, politics [archive] [semi-catalogued]

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae (1066-1857)

Folklore Society Publications (early modern)

Francis Place papers (18th-19th C.) radicalism [microfilm]

Frith Beard travel diaries (19th-20th C.) Britain, Europe [archive]

Hakluyt Society (16th-19th C.)

Historical Manuscripts Commission (c. 1300?-c. 1900?)

Historical travel writings collection (17th-20th C.) [uncatalogued]

History of Parliament (1439-1820)

History Research Collection (reprinted sources from the ancient/medieval/early modern era)

Indian Newspaper Reports (1860s-1940s) politics, India [microfilm]

Inventory of the Historical Monuments (England) (all periods)

Inventory of the Historical Monuments (Scotland) (all periods)

Irish Texts Society (c. 10th-19th C.)

Jewish Historical Society Transactions (11th-19th C.)

Journal of the Board of Trade and Plantations (1704-1782)

Journal of the East India Association (19th-20th C.)

Journals collection (17th-19th C.) humanities, art, society

Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547)

Lincoln Records Society (12th-18th C.)

List and Index Society (early modern)

Local Acts collection (18th-20th C.)

London Record Society (11th-19th C.)

New Spalding Club (12th-19th C.)

Newspapers collection (18th-20th C.)

Parliamentary Historical Papers (18th-20th C.) social, political, colonialism [Law Library]

Public Order, Discontent and Protest (1820-1830) [microfilm]

Rare books on accounting (15th-19th C.) [microfilm]

Rare, Radical and Labour Periodicals (19th-20th C.) [microfilm]

Records of Early English Drama (pre-1642)

Register of the Privy Council of Scotland (1545-1691)

Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales (all periods)

Rymer's Foedera (c. 1066-c. 1700s?)

Scottish Gaelic Texts Society (c. 16th-19th C.)

Scottish Text Society (14th-19th C.)

Selden Society (11th-19th C.)    

Social and Political Status of Women (19th-20th C.) [microfilm]

Spalding Club (12th-18th C.)

Suffolk Records Society - Suffolk Charters (12th-17th C.)  

Surtees Society (c. 13th-19th C.)      

Thurloe’s State Papers (1638-1660)

Tudor Translations (early modern) 

University College Cardiff, University of Wales College of Medicine, UWIST, Cardiff University records (19th-20th C.) [Cardiff University Institutional Archive]

Victoria County History Series (all periods)

Welsh newspapers collection (19th-20th C.)

Welsh tours / travels / migration collection (18th-20th C.) [strand/theme]

Women's studies historical / literary sources materials (17th-20th C.) [strand/theme]

Working class autobiographies (18th-20th C.) [microfilm]