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Corvey collection (18th-19th C.)

The English language works from the Edition Corvey literature collection from Germany; includes over three thousand volumes of English prose works, novels, and belles lettres, from the 18th-19th century.

This collection derives from the library of Victor Amadeus, Landgraf (Count) of Hesse-Rotenburg (1779-1834), at Corvey Castle near Höxter in Westphalia, Germany which contains approximately 35,000 volumes in German, 20,000 in French and 15,000 in English. After the Landgraf's death, the library remained undisturbed and almost forgotten until the 1980s, when scholars became aware of its historical and literary significance. Projekt Corvey at the University of Paderborn began the work of cataloguing, and led to the production of a series of facsimile editions in microfiche: belles-lettres, travel writing, and history and biography. The Corvey Microfiche Edition of belles-lettres in English contains poetry, drama, short story collections, biographies, essays and contemporary literary criticism, chapbooks, memoirs, and travel journals, but above all, novels.  Prose forms include fairy tales, legends, fables, and children’s stories. As a record of Romantic-era fiction in Britain the Corvey Collection is unsurpassed, containing hundreds of rare works and a number that cannot be found elsewhere. In addition, the collection provides access to the works of women poets, novelists, and writers of non-fiction prose who though prolific, well known, and widely read by contemporaries, have historically been neglected by scholars of British Romanticism.

Women authors include Jane Austen, Amelia Beauclerc, Agnes M. Bennett, Bridget Bluemantle [Elizabeth Thomas], Anna E. Bray, Frances Burney, Sarah Burney, Charlotte Bury, Mary Charlton, Emily Clark, Catherine Cuthbertson, Selina Davenport, Emma DeLisle, Maria Edgeworth, Catherine G. Gore, Sarah Green, Elizabeth C. Grey, Elizabeth Gunning, Ann Hamilton, Mary A. Hanway, Anne R. Harding, Jane Harvey, Elizabeth Helme, Barbara Hofland, Isabella Kelly, Alicia Lefanu, Caroline Maxwell, Mary Meeke, Amelia A. Opie, Eliza Parsons, Anna M. Porter, Mary A. Radcliffe, Mary Robinson, Regina M. Roche, Catharine Seldon, Mary Shelley, Mary Sherwood, Louisa S. Stanhope and Mary J. Young.

Date range: 18th-19th century

Significance: Wales and UK

Strengths: 18th century novels

Size: 3,261 titles on  9,993 microfiche

Language:  English

Keywords:  English literature, Corvey Edition, Novels

Notes: Comes complete with full printed index to the contents of the collection. The Carter novel collection contains some original ‘triple decker’ novels from this collection.