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Conditions of the French Working Class (19th C)

A collection of several hundred publications from the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris relating to 19th-early 20th century working class materials. Included are works by well known names such as Balzac and Durkheim, up to the Revue Francaise du Travail in the middle of the 20th century. All topics are covered, from strikes and public health, to reports from socialist congresses.

There are some ideological works in the collection, but priority has been given to statistical and factual studies, including official government reports and private works of doctors, economists, statesmen and men of letters.  

Date range: 19th-20th century

Significance: Significant in Wales and the United Kingdom

Size: Several hundred works, on c. 500 microfiche.

Language:  French

Keywords: France, Working class, Labour movements, Socialism,

Notes:  Also held in the microfilm collection are the Congress Reports of the Parti Communiste Francais for the mid-20th century. A few issues are held of the proceedings of the French National Assembly, shortly after its establishment, for the 1780s-1790s.