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Dave Thomas press cuttings on coalfield closures (1940s-1990s)

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A large collection of press cuttings on all aspects of the coal industry in South Wales. Mine closures and strikes are documented in detail. Articles on gas, water and electricity privatisation in the early 1990s are also included, as well as a file of articles on nuclear power. The articles are primarily, but not entirely, taken from the Western Mail, South Wales Argus, Guardian and Observer. A number of photocopied reference works on the South Wales mining industry are also included.

Date range: 1945-2001

Strengths: A well-organised and comprehensive collection of national and local press coverage on the coal mining industry and its post-war decline in South Wales.

Size: 10 boxes, 5 metres

Languages: English, Welsh

Keywords: Coal industry, mining, privatisation, gas, water, electricity, mine closures, strikes, trade unions, nuclear power, South Wales, steel industry,  tin industry,  iron industry, public inquiries, industrial tribunals, coal mining communities, tipping, mining accidents, energy prices, environmental issues, sustainable energy.

Notes: Received from Prof. Bill Jones (Cardiff University), 2012.