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Census collection (1801-1981)

The regular ten year census of population for the UK began in 1801. Held in the Law Library are the volumes for every ten year census from 1841 up to 1981.

Malthus' work of 1798 on population levels and subsistence of food resources created a major debate on issues around population. In the early decades of census publications details were recorded of the number of houses, total population, employment, marriages, births and deaths, male and females statistics, and more.

From 1851 details of religion and education were included, and from 1861 the Scottish statistics followed a similar outline. No census took place in 1941, but the 1951 census broadened the range of questions asked and statistics collected.

Date range: 19th-20th century

Size:  c. 200 volumes.

Language: English

Keywords: English, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, statistics, population.