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Bookchin collection (20th C.)


A small collection of books from the library of the American political philosopher and anarchist theorist Murray Bookchin (1921-2006). The collection includes works on radical and revolutionary movements, such as anarchism, socialism, and communism. Particular strengths of the collection are books related with left-wing revolutionary movements in Spain, the Spanish Civil War, and the period leading to the 1960s.

Authors include: the Spanish anarchists Felipe Alaiz and José Peirats; the French anarcho-syndicalist Gaston Leval; Angel Pestana, a Spanish Syndicalist leader; German historian and anarchist, Max Nettlau; and Victor Alba, Spanish politician and academic. Also included in the collection are a number of issues of Noir et Rouge, an anarchist journal which was published between 1955-1970 (the 7 issues held date from the period between 1964 and 1968).

Date range: 20th century.

Significance: Significant in Wales.

Size: 109 books and pamphlets.

Languages: Spanish, English, and French.

Keywords: Murray Bookchin (1921-2006), anarchism, Socialism, Communism, history, Spain, Spanish Civil War, revolutionary movements

Notes: The collection was donated by Dr Chris Ealham, a previous lecturer in the University. Special Collections and Archives also holds a microfilm collection of Spanish Civil War pamphlets, and Spanish Civil War diaries by Priscilla Scott Ellis.