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Baptists' collection from Bangor College (19th-20th C.)


A small collection from the sale of books from the Bangor College library collections, covering general religious and specifically Baptist related works. Some scarce American Baptist and other works are included in the collection. The bulk of the material dates from the 19th-early 20th century, but there are some earlier works, such as Henry D’Anvers 1674 treatise on baptism. The collection is strong on topics such as the theology of baptism, the history of the Baptist Church and especially on the history of Baptist missionary activities. Of note is a copy of Weighed in the Balance: the case for Welsh disestablishment by J. M. Gibbon (1910), which contains a foreword by David Lloyd George. Some journal titles are also included.

Date range: 19th-20th century

Significance: Local

Strengths: Overseas Baptist missions and their histories.

Size: c. 400 volumes.

Language:  English

Keywords: Baptists, religion, missions.

Notes: Acquired in two parts in 2006-2007.