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20th Century - Welsh Studies

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru. 1940

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru. 1940


Microfilm collections for Welsh studies


A-Z list of all journals and magazines


A-Z list of Welsh local newspaper holdings

A-Z list of all newspapers


List of Welsh maps

Resource Guides

English language travel books dealing with Wales: A bibliography by Dr. Diana Luft, WELSH

Welsh emigration: A bibliography of books, journals, newspapers, archives and websites on Welsh emigration to America, Canada, Patagonia and other countries.

Welsh language travel literature: A bibliography by Dr. Diana Luft, WELSH

Welsh Local Acts database

Special Collections

Aberdare Hall student library (19th-20th C.) literature, history, etc. [uncatalogued] [Newport Road]

Archives of Plaid Cymru (20th C.) devolution publications [print and microfilm]

Astronomical Society of Wales (20th C.) [uncatalogued]

Bernard Knight literary papers (20th C.) literature, crime fiction [archive]

Cardiff Astrological Society collection (19th-20th C.) [uncatalogued]

Cardiff Trades Union Council archive (20th C.) 

Children’s Literature collection (18th-20th C.) English, Welsh, comics [uncatalogued]

Dave Thomas press cuttings (1940s-1990s) coalfield closures [archive]

David Wynne archive (20th C.) music

Edward Thomas book collection (19th- 20th C.) [uncatalogued]

Edward Thomas archive (19th-20th C.) literature

European Documentation Centre (20th C.)

Grace Williams archive (20th C.) music

Morfydd Owen archive (20th C.) music

Popular newspaper journalism archives (Keith Waterhouse, Victor Davies, Marcus Morris, Joan Reeder, Tom Hopkinson, Trevor Phillpot, Richard Stott, press cuttings collections) (20th C.) [semi-catalogued]

Raymond Williams' book collection (20th C.)

Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales (all periods)

Salisbury collection (20th C.) standard loan collection [Arts and Social Studies Library]

Sir Bryan Hopkin archive (20th C.) economics

Sir Julian Hodge archive (20th C.) business [semi-catalogued] 

UCAC Welsh language teachers’ union archive (20th C.)

University College Cardiff, and later Cardiff University student publications and newspapers (19th-20th C.)

Welsh dialect / linguistics theses (20th C.)

Welsh maps collection (19th-20th C.) [uncatalogued]

Welsh small magazines (20th C.)