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20th Century - Social Sciences

1950s: Students protest against the H-Bomb and University apartheid in South Africa



A-Z list of all journals and magazines


A-Z list of all newspapers

Resource Guides

Illustrated sources: A guide by Alison Harvey, Special Collections and Archives

Women's history and gender studies: A guide by Alison Harvey, Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections

Aberdare Hall student library (19th-20th C.) literature, history, etc. [uncatalogued] [Newport Road]

Actes et documents du Saint Siege (1939-1945)

Annie Grace Henderson archive (20th C.) politics, education, USSR

Annual Register (18th-20th C.)

Archives of Plaid Cymru (20th C.) devolution publications [print and microfilm]

Archives of the British Labour Party (19th-20th C.) [microfilm]

Archives of the British Trades Union Council (19th-20th C.) [microfilm]

Bookchin collection (20th C.) politics, Spain [uncatalogued]

British Documents on the Origins of the War (1898-1914)

British Treasury (20th C.) British Government papers [microfilm]

Cabinet Papers (20th C.) British Government papers [microfilm]

Cardiff Trades Union Council archive (20th C.)

Census collection (1801-1981) [Law Library] [uncatalogued]

Conditions and Politics of Occupied Western Europe (1940-45) [microfilm]

Dave Thomas press cuttings (1940s-1990s) coalfield closures [archive]

Die Grosse Politik der Europäischen Kabinette (1871-1914)

District Auditors' Society records (1850s-1990s) [archive]

Documenti Diplomatici Italiani (1870-1948)

Documents Diplomatiques Français (1871-1939)

Documents on British Foreign Policy (c. 1919-c. 1939)

Documents on International Affairs (1928-1963)

Documents on German foreign policy  (1930-1941)

East Germany source materials (20th C) socio-econ., historical [microfilm]

English Place-Name Society (all periods)

European Documentation Centre (20th C.)

European Union collection (20th C.) [uncatalogued]

Foreign Relations of the United States (1938-1963)

Historical travel writings collection (17th-20th C.) [uncatalogued]

History Research Collection (reprinted sources from the ancient/medieval/early modern era)

Hugh Cudlipp archive (20th C.) journalism [archive]

Ifor B. Powell collection (20th C.) international politics [uncatalogued]

Indian Newspaper Reports (1860s-1940s) politics, India [microfilm]

Inventory of the Historical Monuments (England) (all periods)

Inventory of the Historical Monuments (Scotland) (all periods)

John Reynolds pamphlet collection (20th C.) politics, socialism [uncatalogued]

Journal of the East India Association (19th-20th C.)

Mass Observation archive (1937-1949) [microfiche]

Minutes of the Unemployment Board (1934-1948) [microfilm]

National Docks Labour Board records (20th C.) [archive]

Newspapers collection (18th-20th C.)

Osman collection (20th C.) photo-journalism [Bute Library]

Parliamentary Historical Papers (18th-20th C.) social, political, colonialism [Law Library]

Political pamphlet collections (20th C.) Evans, Reynolds, Powell [uncatalogued]

Popular newspaper journalism archives (Keith Waterhouse, Victor Davies, Marcus Morris, Joan Reeder, Tom Hopkinson, Trevor Phillpot, Richard Stott, press cuttings collections) 20th C.) [semi-catalogued]

Priscilla Scott-Ellis (1930s-1940s) diaries of a nurse in the Spanish Civil War [archive]

Prof. Patrick Minford archive [archive] economics [uncatalogued]

Raymond Williams' book collection (20th C.)

Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales (all periods)

Rudolph Hess papers, WWII [microfiche]

Sir Bryan Hopkin archive (20th C.) economics

Sir Julian Hodge archive (20th C.) business [semi-catalogued] 

Spanish Civil War Pamphlets (1930s-1940s) [microfilm]

Survey of International Affairs (1920-1963)

Town planning / local / structure plans collection (20th C.)

UCAC Welsh language teachers’ union archive (20th C.)

United Nations collection (20th C.) [uncatalogued]

University College Cardiff, and later Cardiff University student publications and newspapers (19th-20th C.)

University College Cardiff, University of Wales college of Medicine, UWIST, Cardiff University records (19th-20th C.) [Cardiff University Institutional Archive]

USA international relations (18th-20th C.) [microfilm]

Victoria County History Series (all periods)

World War One collections (20th C.) [strand/theme]