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Electronic Articles by Dr E. Wyn James


This page contains electronic versions of a number of articles by the Editor of the Welsh Ballads Website, Dr E. Wyn James of the School of Welsh, Cardiff University. They discuss various aspects of the ballad in Wales, together with related areas in the field of Welsh folk-song.

A number of the articles are based on papers delivered at conferences, including the International Ballad Conference. Such details, together with details of the original published version, are noted at the beginning of each article.

Welsh Ballads and American Slavery (2007)

Painting the World Green: Dafydd Iwan and the Welsh Protest Ballad (2005)

An 'English' Lady among Welsh Folk: Ruth Herbert Lewis and the Welsh Folk-Song Society (2004)

Ballad Implosions and Welsh Folk Stanzas (2001)

Watching the White Wheat and That Hole Below the Nose: The English Ballads of a Late-Nineteenth-Century Welsh Jobbing-Printer (2000)

Zulus and Stone Breakers: A Case Study in Glamorgan Ballad-Sheet Printing (1999)

The Lame Chick and the North Star: Some Ethnic Rivalries in Sport as Reflected in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Welsh Broadsides (1998) 


Caethwasanaeth a'r Beirdd, 1790-1840 (2003)

Golwg ar Rai o Gerddi a Baledi Cymraeg Troed-y-rhiw (2001)

Baledi Er Clod i'r 'Cyw Cloff o Fryncethin' (1992)

Rhai Methodistiaid a'r Anterliwt: John Hughes, Pontrobert, Twm o'r Nant ac Ann Griffiths (1986)