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Select Bibliography of Publications of 1883/4

Caerdydd and Cymru    /   Cardiff and Wales 


Almanac:  Baner ac Amserau Cymru, 1883

Bristol Mercury – Penarth, 1884

The Calendar of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, 1884

Cymro: - Almanac-y-Cymro am 1885. Casgledig yn ol rheolau seryddol Francis Moore, 1884 Calvinistic Methodists, Trysorfa gweinidogion y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd yn Neheudir Cymru, 1883

Davies, Evan, Llandaff / by Dyfrig : a competitive poem, sent to the National Eisteddfod…, 1883

Davies, Thomas Essile, Awdl i'r diweddar Barch. William Rees, D.D. (Gwilym Hiraethog), 1884

Evans, David Tudor, Transactions of the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, held at Cardiff, August 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, 1883, 1884

Evans, David, The Sunday schools of Wales : their origin progress, peculiarities & prospects, 1883

Galar-gan yn gosod allan am y ddamwain dorcalonus a gymerodd le yn Sunderland...; The shocking catastrophe at Sunderland, 191 children killed, [1883?]

Great Britain, An act for empowering the Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway Company to make a new dock, 1882?

Great Britain, [Agricultural Holdings Act 1883. Welsh]  Deddf Tirddaliadaeth Amaethyddol (Lloegr a Chymru), 1883, 1884

Hanes alarus am y danchwa ddychrynllyd a gymerodd le yn Mhwll Penygraig, Cwm Rhonnda, boreu Dydd Sul, Ionawr 27ain, 1884, pan gafodd pedwar-ar-ddeg o weithwyr eu lladd; A sorrowful lament..., [1884?]

Lewis, John Davies, The port of Cardiff : its development, 1883

Marsh, John Fitchett, Annals of Chepstow castle, or, Six centuries of the lords of Striguil from the conquest to the revolution, 1883

Pennant, Thomas, [Tours in Wales. Welsh]  Hynafiaethau Cymreig : Teithiau yn Nghymru, sef cyfieithiad o'r "Tours in Wales", [1883?]

Penrhyn Quarry Benefit Club, Budd-glwb Chwarel y Penrhyn:  [Adroddiad o gyfrifon], 1883

Rees, William, Anerchiad a baratoisid gan y diweddar Barch. William Rees, D.D., (Gwilym Hiraethog), i gydnabod yr anrhydedd a osodwyd arno gan Gymdeithas Anrhydeddus y Cymmrodorion…, 1886                                    

Roberts, Hugh, Llofruddio cyfaill a gorfod bwyta ei gnawd rhag marwolaeth: Hanes Galarus am y dioddefiadau mwyaf dychrynllyd …, 1884?

Richard, Henry, Letters and essays on Wales, 1884 Stotherd, R.H, Instructions to field examiners on the orthography of Welsh names, with rules for compounding, initialling…, 1883

Tanner, Henry, [First principles of agriculture. Welsh.]  Prif egwyddorion amaethyddiaeth, 1884

University College of North Wales, Opening of the University College of North Wales : important addresses by the Earl of Powis…, 1884

University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire : revised scheme., 1883

Woods, James Chapman, A complete and reliable guide to Swansea and the Mumbles, Gower, and other places of interest, 1883

Worthington, J., Llawlyfr y trethdalwr, 1883


Prydain – Ewrop   /   Britain – Europe

Bonaparte, Louis-Lucien, Initial mutations in the living Celtic, Basque, Sardinian and Italian dialects, [n.d.]

La Borderie, Arthur de, Etudes historiques bretonnes : l'Historia Britonum attribueee α Nennius et l'Historia Britannica avant Geoffroi de Monmouth, 1883

Bradley, F.H., The principles of logic, 1883

Brodrick, George C., The reform of the English land system, 1883

Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, An unsentimental journey through Cornwall, 1884

Corpus poeticum boreale : The poetry of the old northern tongue from the earliest times to the thirteenth century, 1883                   

Dobson, Austin, Thomas Bewick and his pupils, 1884

Dodd, J., A history of canon law in conjunction with other branches of jurisprudence, 1884

Dyke, Thomas Jones, Duties of school managers in relation to epidemics, and health of inmates, 1884

Ely, Richard Theodore, French and German Socialism in modern times, 1883

Fichte, Johann Gottlieb, J.G. Fichte's padagogische Schriften und Ideen, 1883

Gragas : Stykker, som findes i det Arnamagnμanske haandskrift nr. 35l fol., Skalholtsbok, og en rμkke andre haandskrifter, 1883

Higgins, Clement, The Electric Lighting Act, 1882, the acts incorporated therewith, the Board of Trade rules…, 1882/3

Loth, J., Vocabulaire vieux-breton : avec commentaire... d'un introduction sur la phonetique du vieux-breton…, 1884

Lotze, Hermann, Metaphysic : in three books, ontology, cosmology, and Psychology, 1884

Maclauchlan, Thomas, A history of the Scottish Highlands, Highland clans and Highland regiments : with an account of the Gaelic language, literature, and music, 1883

Mallet, Louis, The national income and taxation, 1883

Manchester Ship Canal Bill, session 1884 : reply of Mr Pember, Q.C., 1884

Marx, Karl, Manifesto of the Communist party, 1888

Meyer, Kuno, Eine Irische version der Alexandersage, 1884

Milton, John, Milton's Paradise lost (ill. G.Dore, 1832-1883), 1866?

Minor, Jacob, Fabeldichter, Satiriker und Popularphilosophen des 18. Jahrhunderts, [1883?]

Nichol, John, Tables of European history, literature, and art, from A.D. 200 to 1882 and of American history, 1884

Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Courts, Report of the commissioners appointed to inquire into the constitution and working of the ecclesiastical courts : …/ presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty, 1883

Saltair na rann, The Saltair na rann : a collection of early Middle Irish Poems, 1883

Seth Pringle-Pattison, A., Essays in Philosophical criticism, 1883

Slater, J. Herbert, The law relating to copyright and trade marks : treated more particularly with reference to infringement…, 1884

Thurneysen, Rudolf, Keltoromanisches : die keltischen Etymologieen im etymologischen, 1884

Wagner, Richard, Wagner-lexikon : Hauptbegriffe der Kunst- und Weltanschauung…, 1883


Gweddill y Byd  /  Rest of World

Asvaghosa, The Fo-sho-hing-tsan-king : a life of Buddha, 1883

Beal, Samuel, Buddhism in China, 1884

Burt, Cyril, The young delinquent, 1925

Evans, William Davies, Dros gyfanfor a chyfandir : sef hanes taith o Gymru at lanau y mor tawelog ...,1883

Harris, Joel Chandler, Nights with Uncle Remus, 1884

James, Henry, Washington Square, 1883

James, Henry, Hawthorne, 1883

James, Henry, An international episode : The Pension Beaurepas, The Point of view, 1883

James, Henry, The siege of London : Madame de Mauves, 1883

Leland, Charles G, The Algonquin legends of New England, or, Myths and folklore of the Micmac, 1884

[Mishnah.], The Mishnah : on which the Palestinian Talmud rests…, 1883

Rees, William, Koheleth : sef cyfres o bregethau…, 1881

The sacred laws of the Aryas : as taught in the schools of Apastamba, Guatama, Vasishtha, and Bandhayana, 1882/3

Stanley, Henry M., How I found Livingstone : travels, adventures, and discoveries in Central Africa. 1895 (1883 sefydlu / founding  ‘Stanleyville’)

Hanes bywyd ac ymchwiliadau David Livingstone, LL.D., teithiwr cenadol enwog, wedi ei gasglu yn ofalus oddiwrth ysgrifeniadau awdurdodedig : hefyd H. M. Stanley ac eraill, 1880?

Meddygaeth - Gwyddoniaeth - Technoleg /Medicine - Science - Technology

Calderwood, Henry, The relations of mind and brain, 1884

Hinde, George Jennings, Catalogue of the fossil sponges in the Geological Department of the British Museum (Natural History), 1883

Mulhall, Michael G., Mulhall's dictionary of statistics, 1884

Packard, A. S., Zoology for high schools and colleges, 1883

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1883

Pitt-Rivers, Augustus Henry Lane-Fox, On the development and distribution of primitive locks and Keys, 1883

Woodward, Henry, A monograph of the British Carboniferous Trilobites, 1883-1884


Cylchgronau / Journals 1883 – 1884

The Athenaeum Journal, 1883

Baner ac Amerau Cymru, 1882-1883

The Graphic, 1883

Harper’s monthly magazine, 1882-1883

The Illustrated London News, 1883

The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1883

Macmillan’s Magazine, 1883

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1883

The Saturday Review, 1883

Trysorfa y plant :Cyhoeddiad misol I ieunctyd (gol. Levi, Thomas), 1882

The Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review, 1883

The Year’s Art, 1883