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Welsh Archives

301/1 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Diaries

1851-65: 15 pocket diaries containing business and personal information. 0.5 metre


301/2 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Business and Legal

1841-73: Prospectuses, reports, papers and accounts of several companies. 1 metre.


301/3 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Elections

1857-74: Election addresses, letters, posters (Salisbury was a Chester MP and candidate in 1857 and 1859.) 1 metre.


301/4 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Scrapiana

1815-55: Scrapbooks, press cuttings, leaflets, cartoons, pamphlets. 2 metres.


301/5 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Historical and Biographical

1870s-80s: List of names of ‘worthies’ in Wales and the Border Counties. Cuttings of historical and biographical interest relating to the Border Counties. 1 metre.


301/6 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Books and Library

1860s-70s: Seven chronological catalogues of ERGS’s library. 2 metres.


301/7 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Newspapers

1732-1884: Individual issues of newspapers, some fragmentary. 0.5 metres.


301/8 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Manuscripts

1732-1873: English and Welsh manuscripts and notebooks - poetry, sermons, letters, legal documents, music, sketch books, biographical and genealogical notes. 2 metres.


301/9 Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Additions  

1590-1986: Post-1886 miscellaneous Welsh-related additions, unconnected with Salisbury. 1.5 metres.


301/10  Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury Library: Prints     

1600s-1800s: Over 11,000 prints of people, places and events. Early maps by Speed, Morden, Dix and others. Bound Welsh county scrapbooks. 13 metres.


302 Educational Settlements                                                 

1929-70: Files of the Merthyr Settlement and other Valley settlements. 0.5 metre.


303 T. H. Lewis                                                                                              

1908-67: Author of Y Mormoniaid yng Nghymru – notes, letters, unpublished works and press cuttings. 1.5 metres.


304 Brynfab                                                                                        

1848-1927: Author of Pan oedd Rhondda ‘n bur. Manuscripts, poem, lecture. 0.5 metre.


305 Evan John Jones                                                                         

1926-76: Professor of Education at UC Swansea. Notes, letters, postcards, photographs, photocopies of 16th and 17th century psalms, material relating to William Salesbury (c.1520-c.1584). 1.5 metres.


306 W. Campbell Balfour                                                                  

1901-46: 26 volumes of minutes from the Joint Standing Disputes Committee of the Conciliation Board for the Coal Trade of Monmouthshire and South Wales. 2.5 metres.


307 Glyn E. Jones                                                                              

1969: Member of UCC Welsh Language Research Unit. Newspapers containing reports of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales. 0.2 metre.


308 W. J. Gruffydd                                                                            

1922-42: Head of Welsh at UCC 1919-46. Typescript, page-proofs, papers on Welsh teaching, pamphlets on Welsh language. 0.2 metre.


309 Emrys Williams                                                               

1960-74: Professor of Engineering at UCC. Papers, letters, notes and press cuttings relating to defederation of the University of Wales. 0.2 metre.


310 Richard Watcyn James                                                            

1986: Vol. 1 of a PhD thesis entitled ‘John Davies (Tahiti) 1772-1855’. 0.2 metre.


311 Howell Llewelyn Jones                                                             

1969: Supplement to an unpublished thesis on Welsh poetry entitled ‘Gwaith Iorwerth Fynglwyd’. 0.2 metre.


312 A. O. H. Jarman                                                                        

1911-98: Professor of Welsh, UCC. Notebooks in Welsh, manuscripts from personal library, obituary of Jarman from Y Dinesydd. 0.1 metre.


313 Manuscript history of Llantwit Major                         

1848: Manuscript notebook. 0.1 metre.


314 Cardiff Cymmrodorion Society                                    

1887-90s; 1920s-50s: Minute books. 0.1 metre.


315 Lloyd Richards

1930s: Letters, photographs/negatives and financial documents belonging to Lloyd Richards, dating from the 1930s. Lloyd Richards was a Welsh film worker and member of the crew on How Green Was My Valley, and Forever and a Day. 0.1 metre.


316 Welsh Language Organisations in South Wales                     

1971-2002: Brochures, pamphlets and programmes related to Welsh language organisations. 0.5 metre.


317 Cymdeithas Cymry’r Eglwys Newydd                         

1942-97: Notebooks, letters and miscellaneous items belonging to Whitchurch Welsh Society. 0.1 metre.


318 Richard Reece                                                                          

1600s-1800s: Major of Cardiff. Manuscripts and letters received with his book collection. 0.25 metre.


319 Gilbert E. Ruddock                                                                   

1960s-90s: Lecturer in Welsh, UCC 1969-? Notes, microfilm, card catalogue. 0.75 metre.


320 Welsh press cutting collection                                                  

1989-95: Cuttings from the Western Mail and Y Cymro, organised by subject, on topics relating to Wales. 1.5 metres.


321 Cardiff Trades Union Council                                      

1940-88: Minutes, correspondence, publications. 14 metres.


322 Ty’r Cymru                                                                                

1940s-80s: Correspondence, publications, children’s Saturday School papers, Bryntaf Trust papers. 3 metres.


323 Ceinwen H. Thomas                                                                  

1940s-90s: Member of the Welsh Language Research Unit, UCC. Books, pamphlets, magnetic tape recordings of dialects (including Patagonian), index cards, newspapers cuttings, manuscript notes, correspondence. 5.5 metres.


324 W. Alun Mathias                                                                                   

1940s-90s: Member of the Education Dept., UCC. Manuscript notes, books and pamphlets on Welsh history and church history, framed colour print. 1.5 metres.


325Folio Ex-Cardiff Public Library archives

1600s-1900s: Sketches, maps, photographs, newspaper cuttings, sketch books, scrap books, photograph album, catalogues, letters, postcards. 1.5 metres.


326Folio Cardiff Public Library prints collection                           

1600s-1900s: Prints from the T. H Thomas collection, the ‘British School’ and The Builder, drawings from the War Office, prints of people, local news, Eisteddfod, Welsh life and customs, some newspaper cuttings. 2 metres.


327 Aneurin Lewis                                                                           

1952: Keeper of the Salisbury Library. Letter from François Falc’hun, Université de Renees. 0.1 metre.


328 J. Hubert Morgan                                                                     

1900s: Keeper of the Salisbury Library. Papers, letters, notes, offprints. 0.4 metre.


329Folio J. Gwili Jenkins                                                                            

1920-23: Keeper of the Salisbury Library. 20,000 library catalogue cards of the Salisbury library as it existed in the 1920s. 3.5 metres.


330 Glyn Ashton                                                                              

1900s: Keeper of the Salisbury Library. Manuscript and typescript poetry and prose in Welsh, exercise books, notebooks, letters and postcards. 1.5 metres.


331 Church in Wales                                                                        

1600s-1800s: Manuscript deeds and property sales. 1 metre.


332 Gwilym Roberts                                                                        

1900s: One of the founders of Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin. Notebooks, magazines, leaflets. 0.5 metre.


333 Ysgol Melin Gruffydd                                                               

1980s-90s: Registers, records and correspondence. 3 metres.


334 Gwyn Lewis Davies                                                                    

1900s: Manuscript and typescript notebooks. 1.25 metres.


335 Morfudd Smith                                                                          

1900s: Letter to Mr Wyn James, copy of Y Genhinen, 1970. 0.1 metre.


336 Dave Simpson                                                                           

1900s: Cardiff University lecturer. Coal-trimmers and other trade union archives, minute book of Courtybella Joint Works Committee, 1946. 0.5 metre.


337 Miscellaneous Welsh archives                                                

1700s-1900s: Welsh-related archives for which provenance is uncertain. Lantern slides, programmes, newspaper cuttings, letters, manuscripts. 1 metre.


338 Owen Morgan Edwards                                                            

1880-83: Three notebooks on maths, religion and history kept while a student at Aberystwyth. 0.25 metre.


339 Uned Ymchwil Ieithyddol/Welsh Language Research Unit                            

1957-2000 : Paperwork produced in the course of the Unit’s activities to research Welsh dialectology and linguistics, and to teach phonetics and linguistics in the Welsh department. 10.25 metres.


340 Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (UCAC)                      

1937-93: Correspondence, minutes, publications, research, press statements relating to all aspects of trade unions and education in Wales. 37.5 metres.