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History of Medicine and Science Archives

601 C. M. Thompson                                                                     

1785-1890: Professor of Chemistry, UCC 1883-1921. 27 notebooks. 0.5 metre.


602 Viriamu Jones                                                                          

1886-1897: Principal of UCSWM 1883-1901 and Professor of Physics. Notebooks, offprints, manuscripts. 0.1 metre.


603 E. H. Griffiths                                                                          

1869-70: Principal of University College Cardiff, 1902-1918. Notebook, manuscript and typescript papers. 0.1 metre.


604 South Glamorgan Health Authority                                       

1975-78: 36 Sets of Minutes of the South Glamorgan Health Authority from April 1975 – November 1978. 0.1 metre.


605 Prescription books                                                                  

1923-52: Prescription books received from Professor Terry Turner, September 2006, once property of H. E. Middleton, of Central Pharmacy, Ross-on-Wye. 1.5 metre.


606 A. H. Trow                                                                                           

1700s-1900s: Professor of Botany 1905-1919, Principal of UCC 1919-29. Transcript, letters, notes, cuttings, drawings. 0.25 metre.


607Folio South Wales Coalfield cross-section maps                               

1907-10: Eight geological maps. 1 metre.


608 Ken Pool                                                                                  

1984-99: Photograph albums documenting geology courses, fieldtrips and study tours. 2.5 metres.


609 Peter Harper

2002-12: University Research Professor in Human Genetics at Cardiff University. 1 metre.


610 Sir Miles Irving (CHEHC)                                                   

1990s: Correspondence, reports, and publications relating to the Health Technology Assessment programme; which undertook systematic evidence based assessment of health technologies in the NHS. UNCATALOGUED. 2.5 metres.


611 UK Cochrane Centre

1984-2007. The Cochrane Collaboration is an international, independent, not-for-profit organisation of over 28,000 contributors from more than 100 countries, dedicated to producing up-to-date, accurate summaries of the results of reliable research about the effects of health care.Files on Collaborative Review Groups, Methods Groups, International Cochrane Centres, and general administration. 11 metres.


612 Sir Iain Chalmers

1976-2008. Papers relating to Iain Chalmers' attendance at study groups, conferences and symposiums, service on committees, fora, working parties, steering groups and advisory groups, teaching and examination duties in higher education, independent reviews and references, and membership of professional networks. 7.5 metres.


613 Malcolm Lewis                                                       

UNCATALOGUED. 0.25 metre.


614 William Mushin                                                                                           

1950s-80s: Papers of the first anaesthetics professor at the UWCM. UNCATALOGUED. 7 metres.


615 Walter Holland (CHEHC)                                                    

UNCATALOGUED. 3.5 metres.


616 Fiona Godlee (CHEHC)                                                           



617 Muir Gray (CHEHC)                

UNCATALOGUED. 1.5 metres.


618 David Bainton (CHEHC)                                                      

UNCATALOGUED. 1.5 metres.


619 Austin Bradford Hill (CHEHC)                        

UNCATALOGUED. Held at University Hospital Llandough.


620 Bill Miall (CHEHC)                                                              



621 Peter Armitage (CHEHC)

UNCATALOGUED. 2.5 metres.                                                              


622 Whittaker

UNCATALOGUED. 10 metres.


623 Manuscripts from the WNSM/UWCM Libraries

A collection of manuscripts separated from the Duthie Library Medical Rare Books collection when it was transferred to SCOLAR in 2007. UNCATALOGUED. 0.5


624 Prof. John Pemberton

1930-2011: Prof. John Pemberton (1912-2010) was an epidemiologist working in the field of social and preventative medicine, and in the international dissemination of this research. 1 metre.


625 Cochrane Secretariat

UNCATALOGUED. 11.5 metres.