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Humanities and Social Studies Archives

401 Cyril Brett                                                                                               

1792-1930: Professor of English, UCC 1921-36. Notebooks, lists, cuttings, postcards, essays, theatre programmes and illustrations. 3.5 metres.


402 R. George Thomas

1950-2001: Professor of English, UCC. Papers which do not relate to his research into Edward Thomas (these are held at 424/10). Includes research notes on Seamus Heaney, R. S. Thomas, Dylan Thomas, the Seward family, offprints of published articles, and also some obituaries.                                                                                                


403 H. J. W. Tillyard                                                                                     

1400s-1700s: Professor of Greek, UCC 1926-46. Hymns, Russian music manuscripts, Greek service book, articles on Byzantine church music. 0.5 metre.


404 D. E. Evans                                                                                                         

1913-29: Member of the Department of Extra-Mural Studies, UCC 1949-51. Notes, typed drafts and bibliographies for a projected work on the history of British taxation from 1700. Notes on friendly societies in Wales, lectures on economic history, and a Hebrew composition exercise book. 1.5 metres.


405 Terence Rees                                                                                          

1700s-1800s: 19th century passports, deeds, 18th century will, folder containing coats of arms, bookplates, extracts from heraldic works. 0.25 metre.


406 Ivor Parry                                                                                    

1900s: Four notebooks with some loose cuttings. 0.25 metre.


407 Theodore Robinson                                                                                

1904-64: Professor of Semitic Languages, UCC 1927-44. Lecture notes, letters, typescripts, photographs and radio scripts. 1 metre.


408 British Association                                                                                  

1891: Six minute books and registers of the local committee for the British Association meeting in Cardiff in 1891. 0.1 metre.


409 William Sulzer                                                                                         

1921-22: Scrapbook of letters, pamphlets and cutting related to Governor William Sulzer of New York. 0.1 metre.


410 Richard Frith-Beard                                                                             

1889-1932: 25 bound notebooks containing manuscript descriptions of tours throughout Western Europe, hand-illustrated. 0.1 metre.


411 William Paton Ker                                                                                

1900-32: Professor at UCC 1883-89. Photographs and letters. 0.1 metre.


412 Anthony Bedford Steel                                                                         

1900s: Principal of UCC, 1949-66. Translation of ‘Europe and the French Revolution’ by Albert Sorrel, and two typescript copies of an unpublished work ‘The Ancient Grudge: a Study in Anglo-American Relations’. 0.1 metre.


413 E. C. Llewellyn                                                                                      

1936-64: Professor of English, UCC 1936-64. Ten small notebooks. 0.1 metre.


414 Abraham Weiner                                                                                               

1898-1904: Student at UCC 1898-1901, 1904. Letters from Lord Tredegar, O. M. Edwards, and A. G. Little, photocopy of Weiner’s autobiography, students’ handbook 1898-89. 0.1 metre.


415 Priscilla Scott-Ellis                                                                                

1937-41; 2001-02. Diaries from 1937-41, and correspondence relating to their loan to the Imperial War Museum 2001-02. 0.5 metre.


416 Miscellaneous humanities and social sciences archives        

1300s-1900s: Humanities and social studies related archives for which provenance is uncertain. A few medieval pastedowns, the rest is 1700-1900s. Typescripts, manuscripts, letters, minute books, accounts, newspaper cuttings. 2 metres.


417 Lower Swansea Valley Project Papers                        

1944-77: Papers, correspondence, notes and Welsh Office reports dealing with the reclamation of derelict land in Wales and elsewhere in the UK. 2.5 metres.


418 Stanley Bertram Chrimes                                                         

1936-83: Professor of History, UCC 1953-74. Notes on research, Latin translations, transcriptions, typescript of University College Cardiff: A Centenary History 1883-1983. Files of papers relating to various committees and societies. 3 metres.


419 Ifor B. Powell                                                                                        

1918-72: Pamphlets, periodicals and newspaper cuttings about 20th century history, government and politics. 6.5 metres.


420 R. C. Livesey papers                                                                            

1961-74: Papers of the Committee of the Inquiry into the Major Ports of Great Britain, 1961-62, and papers of the Joint Special Committee on the Ports Industry, 1972-74. Livesey was Secretary of both Committees. 0.5 metre.


421 Alexander Harvey                                                                                

1928-68: Principal of CTC/WCAT, later UWIST, 1946-68. Published papers, pamphlets, offprints and cuttings on physics and technical education. 1 metre.


422 Benjamin Joseph Morse                                                          

1878-1977: Lecturer in Italian, UCC 1940-66. Letters, poems, articles, translations, reviews, biographical materials, photographs, cards, press cutting and pamphlets. Large collection of correspondence with Rilke family and other continental writers. 13 metres.


423 Equal Opportunities Commission Papers                                            

1980-85: Over 30,000 papers including papers for the Legal Committee and Development Committee. Donated by Dr Ann Robinson, Equal Opportunities Commissioner 1980-85. Also press summaries, correspondence, press releases and EOC publications. 9.5 metres.


424 Edward Thomas                                                                        

1853-2010: Original letters, holograph letters and copies written between 1896-1917, book reviews, essays, articles and poems, biography and criticism, books and maps from the family library, personal artefacts, and a tape recording of Helen Thomas talking about her husband. The world’s largest Edward Thomas archive. 17.5 metres.


425 Annie G. Henderson                                                                 

1888-1974: Notebooks, letters, scrapbooks, photographs and books relating to her life and work as a teacher, traveller to the Soviet Union and elsewhere and active socialist. 1.5 metres.


426 Donald Thomas                                                                         

1977: Professor of English, Cardiff University. A checklist of Press Prosecutions in King’s Bench Indictments (Public Record Office Series KB28) between 1733-1911. 0.5 metre.


427 Philip Jones Griffiths                                                                    

1960s: Vietnam War photographer. Photographs and prints from Eisteddfod exhibitions, exhibition catalogue and video. 0.5 metre.


428 Dr. W. M. Walker                                                                    

1960: Former lecturer in dept. of Sociology, UCC. Desk diary of everyday events, two invoices. 0.1 metre.


429 Dr Clive Knowles                                                                                  

1959-93: Former Senior Lecturer in School of History and Archaeology 1959-1993, 5 files of personal papers. 0.5 metre.


430 Morfydd Llwyn Owen                                                                         

1909-18: Composer, singer, and pianist. Music manuscript materials. 3 metres.


431 Grace Williams                                                                        

1906-77: Music manuscript materials and typescript music scores. UNCATALOGUED. 1.5 metres.


432 Hugh Cudlipp

1913-98: Former editor of the Daily Mirror and Chairman of International Publishing Corporation. Letters, reports, photographs, press cuttings, audio-visual items. 9.5 metres.


433 Welsh Manuscript Scores Collection                         

1900s: Manuscript and annotated published music scores, notes. UNCATALOGUED. 5 metres.


434 David Wynne                                                                          

1900s: Manuscript and typescript music scores, pencil sketches, performance parts, libretto sketches and revisions, scrapbook. UNCATALOGUED. 15 metres.


435 Richard Stott



436 Sir Julian Hodge

UNCATALOGUED. 54 metres.


437 Tom Hopkinson



438 Trevor Phillpott

UNCATALOGUED. 2.5 metres.


439 Patrick Minford



440 Victor Davis

1978-93: Cassettes (1978-1993) of interviews with actors and celebrities. UNCATALOGUED. 2.5 metres.


441 Marcus Morris

UNCATALOGUED. 13 metres.


442 Herbert Mackworth

1760-1878: Music manuscripts, including full scores of operas by Giovanni Bononcini, Porpora and Alessandro Scarlatti as well as numerous operatic arias by Hasse, Vinci, Handel and others; there is also a volume of 18 Spanish cantatas and over 50 copies of Italian cantatas. 4 metres.


443 BBC Music Library

UNCATALOGUED. 31 metres.


444 Theodore Aylward

UNCATALOGUED. 34.5 metres.


445 Nancy Storace



446 Sir Bryan Hopkin

1933-2009: Welsh economist. Chief economic adviser to the Treasury under Denis Healey and Professor of Economics at Cardiff University. Critic of Margaret Thatcher's economic policies. Published and unpublished articles, papers and reports; letters and articles in the press; drafts of an unfinished textbook; talks and lectures; notebooks, partially indexed; correspondence with Christopher Dow, Wynne Godley and others; collection of Wynne Godley's writings; journal articles and offprints; obituaries and photographs of economists; notes from J. M. Keynes' lectures, 1933-36 (photocopy). 5.5 metres.


447 National Docks Labour Board

1942-1989: Statistics and circulars relating to all 20 local Docks Labour Boards in ports around Britain. Statistics include disposition working sheets, age group survey working sheets, C100A and C200 records, average quarterly and weekly earnings, labour requirements, and circulars relating to both board policy and general administration. 9 metres.


448 Professor John Loughlin

1990-2010: School of European Studies, Cardiff University. Donation of books, theses and personal research papers on the topics of comparative politics; European Union policy and politics; territorial governance in Europe; regionalism and federalism; local government; local finances; UK devolution; French, UK, Irish, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish politics; religion and politics; political philosophy. UNCATALOGUED. 3 metres.


449 Professor Paul Robertshaw

1990s: 32 NTSC/PAL videotapes of USA CBS coverage of 'York' trial, 3 folders of UK TV staged jury deliberations (transcripts). 0.5 metre.


450 Schwartzenburger

1700s-1800s: German legal/political papers. UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


451 Beowulf manuscript

Early 20th century: Fine manuscript copy of Beowulf. Some illustrations in ink. Manuscript is incomplete and ends at line 2550. Some scraps of notes found attached to the folder containing the manuscript, a partial summary, or a translation of, Beowulf. 0.5 metre.


452 William Watson

1900s: Framed poem in hand of William Watson (19th/20th century poet), from the collection of the poet Leonard Galletley. 0.1 metre.


453 Richard J. C. Atkinson

1900s: British prehistorian and archaeologist. He investigated sites including Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow and Wayland's Smithy, and was a friend and collaborator of Stuart Piggott and John F.S. Stone. UNCATALOGUED. 10 metres.


454 Bernard Knight

1960s-1990s: Pathologist, forensic scientist, doctor, barrister and novelist (historical crime). UNCATALOGUED. 5 metres.


455 Swansea University Philosophy department

2005: Two files of papers on the Swansea University Philosophy department crisis of 2005. 0.25 metres.


456 Ursula Henriques



457 Keith Waterhouse