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Ephemera Archives

501 Theatre press cuttings                                                            

1944-78: Press cuttings from theatre reviews and some programmes. 2 metres.


502 Welsh National Assembly Election leaflets 2003                 

2003: Over 250 leaflets from thirteen different political parties from South Wales constituencies. 0.1 metre.


503 George Barker                                                                         

1911-30: Labour MP for Abertillery 1920-29. Two manuscript books containing notes and press cuttings. 0.1 metre.


504 Taff Vale Railway                                                                    

1909: Typescripts, articles and letters relating to the Taff Vale Railway. 0.1 metre.


505 Royal National Eisteddfod postcards                        

1966: Six postcards. 0.1 metre.


506 Hinkley Point Public Inquiry in Cardiff                    

1988-89: Papers relating to Hinkley Point ‘C’ Power Station Public Inquiry. 0.25 metre


507 Celtic Congress and Cylch yr Hengerdd                               

1960s-70s: Papers presented and relating to meetings. 0.1 metre.


508 City of Cardiff Yearbooks                                                      

1884-1974: 58 Year Books. 0.1 metre.


509 Theses maps                                                                           

1923-30: Four maps to accompany MSc and DSc theses. 0.5 metre.


510 Welsh ballads bibliography                                                                          

1990s: Welsh ballads listing. 0.5 metre.


511 St Asaph                                                                                            

1600s-1800s: Cathedral archives from the Dean’s Library, sermons and attendance records. 1 metre.


512 Llyfrau Cymraeg Catalogues                                              

1950-87: Cardiff Public Library’s catalogue of Welsh books. 0.5 metre.


513 Cardiff City Council General Matters                     

1955-78: Council papers on libraries, planning, local government reorganisation, Corporation Bill, and South Glamorgan Structure Plan. 1 metre.


514 Aberg                                                                                      

1900-70: Newspapers and magazines, travel books, postcards. 0.5 metre.


515 Anarchist magazines                                                             

1950s: A selection of British Anarchist magazines. 0.1 metre.


516 John Davies                                                                          

1938: Memorial booklet, celebrating the life of John Davies (1882-1937), former Secretary of the South Wales District of the Workers Education Association (1919-   ) printed by the Gregynog Press. 0.1 metre.


517 Isle of Man coins and tokens                                               

1900s: Correspondence concerning Isle on Man coins and tokens, found in a donated book. 0.1 metre.


518 16th century prints                                                                

1700s: Four portraits, possibly received from Cardiff Public Library. 0.1 metre.


519 Tim Saunders and Alan Kent                                               

1995: Typescript of ‘Awen’, a poem in Cornish. 0.1 metre.


520 Cardiff Eisteddfod 2009

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.                                                                                 


521 Eisteddfod leaflets and pamphlets                                      

2002-04: Eisteddfod leaflets and pamphlets obtained with Cardiff Public Library books purchase in 1990s. 0.1 metre.


522 Policy into Practice for Lesser Used Languages in Europe

2001: Conference programme and miscellaneous papers relating to the International Networking Event: Policy into Practice for Lesser Used Languages in Europe, Cardiff, 2001. 0.1 metre.


523 Census 2001                                                                          

2001: Census form for 2001, and newspaper cuttings relating to controversy over absence of Welsh nationality option. 0.1 metre.


524 Kingston Gazette                                                                              

1813: Facsimile of the Kingston Gazette from Aug 10th 1813. 0.1 metre.


525 Jonathan Harvey                                                                              

1972: Music manuscript score. 0.1 metre.


526 Dr Winifred Ewing                                                                

1980s-90s: A collection of European Reports by Dr. Winifred M. Ewing, MEP (Scottish National Party). 0.1 metre.


527 Cardiff Cable TV Group                                                       

1980s: Minutes and Reports relating to the short lived Cardiff Cable TV Working Group. 0.1 metre.


528 Coal Mining in Wales 1980s                                                

1980s: The collection contains 29 leaflets, published by the National Coal Board, detailing coal mines in the south Wales area. 0.1 metre.


529 EU Heads of State Council 1998                                          

1998: Press coverage by the WDA, BBC Wales etc. of the Council of Europe meeting in Cardiff, June 1998. 0.1 metre.


530 J. A. Reynolds                                                                      

1900s: Correspondence and various typescript newsletters and papers from Socialist organisations, papers on Welsh Devolution. 0.5 metre.


531Folio Media Coverage of National Eisteddfod                   

1968-88: The collection contains coverage of the 1968 Barry Eisteddfod, 1969 Flint Eisteddfod, 1978 Cardiff Eisteddfod and 1988 Newport Eisteddfod by the Western Mail.  Plus, a few posters, tickets and competition forms. 0.2 metre.


532Folio Media coverage of the first National Assembly election

1998-2000: Factsheets on Devolution and the Assembly, BBC News online network news sheets. Newspaper coverage of the first National Assembly Election results by local and national newspapers. 0.2 metre.


533Folio National Assembly 1999: Election leaflets                             

1999: 200 Leaflets from nine different political parties from constituencies throughout south Wales. 0.2 metre.


534Folio Wales 1979 devolution campaign                                

1979: Devolution supplements published by the Western Mail, editions of Welsh Nation, and a collection of Devolution ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaign leaflets and posters. 0.2 metre.


535Folio 1997 Welsh devolution vote results                                         

1997: Press coverage of the result of the Devolution in Wales 1997, plus leaflets and ephemera. 0.2 metre.


536Folio Western Mail 100th anniversary issues, 1969           

1969: Special Centenary Issues of the Western Mail. 0.1 metre.


537Folio 1999 Wales Rugby World Cup                                    

1999: Western Mail issues covering the preview and opening ceremony of the Wales Rugby World Cup and final. Newsletters published by the Wales Tourist Board and a programme of the Wales -v- Samoa match dated 14th October 1999. 0.1 metre.


538Folio Millennium celebrations                                               

1999-2000: Copies of the Western Mail dated 31 December 1999 and 1 January 2000 covering the New Years Eve celebrations for the Millennium. 0.1 metre.


539Folio News on Sunday, Wales edition                                   

1980s: One folder containing papers relating to the Wales edition of the 1980s launch of the left-wing newspaper, News on Sunday, which folded after a short run. 0.1 metre


540Folio Newspapers of the General Strike 1926                     

1926: The British Worker (5-15 May 1926) – Official Strike News Bulletin, The British Gazette, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror. 0.4 metre.


541Folio Western Mail Trade Supplement                                             

1928-41: Western Mail, Trade Supplement for 1932/33/34/36/38/39/40/41, plus Trade Review of Wales and Monmouthshire supplement for 1928 and 1929. 0.1 metre.


542Folio Aberfan                                                                                     

1966: A copy of the Merthyr Express, 28th October 1966, detailing news of the Aberfan disaster. 0.1 metre.


543Folio Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine                          

1800s: 19th Century fabric patterns and tissue paper cut-outs from the Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine. 2 metre.


544Folio Seren Gomer                                                                             

1814: Various issues. 0.1 metre.


545Folio Y Brython                                                                                   

1920-40: Various issues. 0.1 metre.


546Folio Western Mail: History Behind the Headlines             

1994: Special ‘historical’ editions of the Western Mail as part of History Behind the Headlines: Pages from the Past AD43 – 1994. 6 editions. 0.1 metre.


547Folio Western Mail Review: Growth of a Nation                

1970: A Western Mail Review: Growth of a Nation. Part 1 of a 2 part survey, June 23rd 1970. 0.1 metre.


548Folio The Cambrian                                                                           

1926-27: Various issues. 0.1 metre.


549Folio Daily Mirror                                                                             

1969: Special investiture issue. 0.1 metre.


550Folio Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute Committee       

1914-28: Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute Committee 1914, 1918, 1920-28. Miscellaneous political posters. 0.1 metre.


551Folio Gwydir family                                                                            

1900s: Photographs relating to the history of the Gwydir family. 0.1 metre.


552Folio Cardiff Public Library                                                               

1800s-1900s: List of books stored in Cardiff Public Library during World War II, prints, photographs, family album/scrapbook, music scores and miscellaneous papers. 2 metres.


553Folio Prints collection                                                                        

1500s-1900s: Posters, prints, portraits. 0.5 metres.


554 National Assembly for Wales 2007 election leaflets

2007. Election leaflets. 0.5 metres.


555 Tongwynlais election leaflets

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


556 British Fire Office policy

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


557 Cymuned

UNCATALOGUED. 0.2 metre.


558 Association of History Teachers in Wales

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


559 Cardiff aerial map

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


560 F. A. Cup Final

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


561 Francis Wrigley Hirst

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


562 Alisdair Gray

UNCATALOGUED. 0.25 metre.


563 E. D. Evans

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


564 International Women's Day centenary

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


565 Lifelong Learning campaign leaflets

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


566 John Edwards

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


567 Lewis Davies

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


568 The War Papers

1970s: A weekly series of reprinted World War Two newspapers published during the 1970s by Peter Wray and Marshall Cavendish Partworks Ltd. Each part enclosed in a coversheet providing historical context. A supplementary collection of reprinted propaganda posters, Dig for Victory, etc. 0.5 metre.


569 Elam

UNCATALOGUED. 1.5 metres.


570 National Assembly for Wales leaflets 2011

UNCATALOGUED. 0.5 metre.


571 Photographs of English gothic architecture



572 Intourist leaflets

UNCATALOGUED. 0.5 metres.


573 Welsh language ephemera

1992-2011: Includes ephemera from the Gorsedd (2010), credit unions (1994-2006), the Big Brother 'Cymraeg' row (2006), and flyers from the Blaenau Gwent and Wrexsam Eisteddfodol (2010-11). A file of amateur theatre productions from the Rhondda (mainly Parc and Dare Theatre, Treorchy), 1992-2007. Press releases and programmes from St. David's Hall, and other Welsh theatres including Sherman Cymru, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Wales Millenium Centre, Theatr Bara Caws and Theatr Brychiniog, 2000-2007. 1 metre.


574 Dave Thomas coal mining cuttings

1945-2001: A large collection of press cuttings on all aspects of the coal industry in South Wales. Mine closures and strikes are documented in detail. Articles on gas, water and electricity privatisation in the early 1990s are also included, as well as a file of articles on nuclear power. The articles are primarily, but not entirely, taken from the Western Mail, South Wales Argus, Guardian and Observer. A number of photocopied reference works on the South Wales mining industry are also included. 5 metres.


575 Music press cuttings

UNCATALOGUED. 0.25 metre.


576 Royal Family ephemera

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


577 Dafydd Timothy

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


578 Eisteddfod prose entry

UNCATALOGUED. 0.1 metre.


579 Welsh-American biographies

UNCATALOGUED. 0.75 metre.